2020-06-27 11:20:51 – United States, California, Los Angeles
Phoenix 21, Inc., has emerged on the scene with an amazing cast of talent and a slate of future projects; led by veteran talent manager and producer Rich Owen Ransom to make 2021 a year to remember.

Rich Owen Ransom, with more than twenty years experience in managing music, models, and actors, has emerged in 2020 with some hand selected talent he plans to make household names.

“Over the course of the next three to five years,” Ransom said, “my talent roster is going to be loaded with popular faces known from various projects – some already are.” Ransom, having started Phoenix 21, Inc., doing business as Phoenix 21 Talent Group, is operating from Los Angeles, California.

“We hope to have a New York office within a year or so,” he stated.

Ransom spent seven years under the tutelage of Lou Pearlman, the manager of Backstreet Boys and NSync fame. “I learned a lot from Lou, both do’s and don’ts. Being exposed to that level of music success definitely gave me a deep understanding of talent management,” Ransom said of his time as Pearlman’s executive assistant. Ransom got his start in the entertainment industry as a photographer doing test work for some of the best known agencies in the world. Some of his New York clients included Boss Models, Click, Elite Model Management, Ford, Next, Q, and Wilhelmina, to name a few. As a talent scout he discovered several new faces, acting as a mother-agent, he placed them with these established agencies.

In 2004, he opened Los Angeles-based Rich Owens Group, starting with six non-union actors. By 2017 the group had grown to over two hundred clients with a staff of three full-time managers and two assistants. That same year Ransom got into production. He has written and directed several well known commercials for Tide, Welch’s, and Tmobile. He also is known for his music video directing portfolio.

In 2021, Phoenix 21 Film Group will begin production on a realty docu-series called The Actors House. The series will follow a group of seven actors through their first time arrival in Los Angeles, and the months that follow, as they pursue their accomplishments in the film and television industry. Phoenix 21 Film Group is also pitching a slate of television series and feature films beginning next year. Phoenix 21 Film Group is seeking financial partners for some of their projects. See website for more information.

For now, let’s take a look at some of the talent groups upcoming stars: https://www.phoenix21talentgroup.com/clients.

For more information on Phoenix 21, Film or Talent Group, contact Rich Owen Ransom at 213-468-9682 or email phoenix21@usa.com.