Are you in search of an investor visa for Australia? If yes, contact our lawyers today and get the answers to your most pressing questions. 

The immigration process is often complex, and this is even more true for investor visas. For many people, the time, effort, and complexity of pursuing the investor visa can be overwhelming. The best way to get an investor visa is through a confident migration lawyer who has significant experience with investor visas. Not only will your lawyer make sure you are compliant with the law, but they will also manage your application process to make it as seamless and expedient as possible.

Visa Plan Lawyers are the best way to move forward. If you are a prospective investor, contact us to link up with our migration lawyers and get the information you need. Our team of migration lawyers will assess your eligibility under the investment visa scheme and will connect you with one of several fund managers with specific expertise in the investment migration field. We also assist Australian fund managers, vetting their investment funds for compliance with Australian migration law. 

Only immigration lawyers with relevant experience can effectively help investor migrants with getting an investor visa. If you are looking for an Australian Investor Visa, contact migration lawyers you can feel confident in. Have Visa Plan Lawyers take care of all the intricate legalities required to attain your visa. Don’t settle for less, make sure your lawyer has expertise that is tailored to your needs.

Reasons to Opt for a Visa Plan Immigration Lawyers

  • Immigration lawyers act as project managers, making sure the work gets done.

Immigration lawyers are essential when applying for an investor visa. Most applicants will struggle to navigate the convoluted procedures associated with their Subclass 188 application. Immigration lawyers remove the barrier between foreign nationals and their investment migration goals. They take care of the legalities and paperwork, allowing you to focus on progressing towards achieving your dream.

  • Our immigration lawyers have the experience you’re looking for.

Our team of immigration lawyers have the collective experience necessary to guide you through the investor visa process. We have processed many such visa applications, achieving successful results for our clients. With prior hands-on experience, our migration lawyers are well-equipped to help you achieve an investor visa.

  • Our fixed fee guarantee.

Our immigration lawyers charge a fixed processing fee, meaning no unexpected expenses. Know what you’re paying before you use the services of a lawyer and avoid overpaying on your Australian investor visa matter.

Eligibility for Australian Investor Visa

As is the case for all visas, those interested in attaining an Australian investor visa have to fulfill a few requirements to meet visa eligibility criteria.

Investment requirements can range from AUD$1.5 million to AUD$5 million. Depending on how much you are able to invest, you may require prior business and investment experience to be eligible for the visa. Some applicants will need to attain a certain number of points through a test. Due to the variable requirements, it is best to consult with our migration lawyers before settling on a visa option.

The types of investment required of applicants can also vary. From government bonds to complex investment portfolios, it pays to understand where your money will be going. Visa Plan partners with industry-lading investment firms, giving you the confidence to proceed with your application.

After obtaining your provisional investor visa, you will also be required to reside in the country for a proscribed period. Most investors should intent to live in the country for at least two years.

There is nothing simple about obtaining an investor visa. It pays to get the right advice. Connect with Visa Plan Immigration Lawyers. We can help you get through the process with ease. If you are looking for an Australian investor visa, call us and start working towards it today.