A working professional today spends anywhere between 8 to 12 hours in an office setting. But, the daily grind need not necessarily be a boring, mundane and dreary one. Technological innovations have sprung up several tools and software that make our jobs easier. These help you to enhance productivity at the workplace.

Ways to enhance productivity at the workplace

It is important to remember that a typical workplace and a business has several departments and nitty-gritty that keep the office up and running from motivating employees, servicing clients and sending out the paperwork. So, each and every one of these needs to be addressed uniquely.

On that note, let’s dive in.

1. Using franking machines for your postage

An age-old phenomenon, franking machines help with postage, parcels and letters. Modern-day versions are automated and digital and perform more complex tasks. The digital franking machines make your postage requirements easier as they compute the precise weight and then put forth the corresponding postage charges correctly for the service.

Thanks to the internet, franking machines today can connect to the business’s local area network (LAN) or Wi-Fi connection. Franking equipment organizes and stacks up the franked mail as well. If you are using advanced or latest versions, all you need is a power stacker for clearing away your mail and postage. Additionally, the equipment sorts you out with barcode technology as well as applying labels to the posts.

2. Document Automation systems

The name itself is a giveaway! These systems help you create documents using digital platforms or software. Using the automation systems, you can prepare the required documents from scratch using a template in software. Once created, the documents travel to the stakeholders through automated workflows. The process streamlines the timeline by saving considerable effort, which usually goes into manual data entry, setting up email reminders and procuring physical printouts.

There are several benefits of automation. Some of these are below.

Increased user-experience

Automation streamlines the process as you no longer need to email the attachment or use facsimile equipment. You can send the document directly through a link. The mechanism saves time in logging in for document completion. The experience is seamless and ensures quicker data collection and on-the-go responses.

Greater access

With the advent of cloud storage, you are no longer stuck to the desk. Nor do you need to worry about logging onto the appropriate server. Users can now complete the documentation on the go or remotely.

Control and Consistency

Automation ensures that everything is in the cloud. Cloud storage ensures a single workflow and provides version control. You don’t need to store additional documents on separate drives or have them buried in emails.

Greater security and safety

Document automation systems also provide greater security for your sensitive and confidential records. The system also allows you to control who has access to specific workflows through advanced administration features, thereby rendering even more privacy.

3. Avoid micromanagement

Having the latest tools and software will do no good to your company if the work environment is dull. The reason is that it impacts the mood, motivation and mental health of the employees. It is these three M’s that drive performance and efficiency. A good starting point in this direction is to embrace positive reinforcement by curbing micromanagement.

Micromanagement and control are old-school. The modern-day world is one of innovation and creativity. Ideas flow freely in a working setup that offers freedom. While you are the boss or owner of the company, you are also the founder. Bosses seek to control, and leaders seek results and solutions. The former personality type tends to obsess over petty details and breathes down the employees’ neck. Now, this is counterproductive and results in time wastage. Creating an environment of freedom within limits provides an excellent middle-ground. You know what the employees are doing, and they have some free will. The work culture entails that leaders assign the task and deadline for completion, leaving the rest to the people on the ground level.

4. Keep a clean and organized workplace

A little clutter is alright and even helps to get the creative juices flowing. The question then is: how much chaos is acceptable? One should always make it a point to have a clean and organized workspace. Doing so helps save substantial time and effort when searching for specific items. Also, it prevents the mind from zoning in on the mess. An office that is in order also helps with overall health and wellbeing.

5. Goal Setting and Feedback

Employees must recognize what is expected from them. Doing so fires them up by giving them a purpose and goal. Therefore, remember to communicate the company vision and mission statement with your employees for proper guidance.

When it comes to goal setting, both short-term and long-term ones are crucial. The former encourages the staff to manage and work on their speed and efficiency while the latter sets a precedent for their time at the organization. It is vital to give employees feedback about their performance, giving them the space to grow and prosper.

Good management practices suggest that achievements should be acknowledged and errors or failures addressed.

6. Endorse employee achievements

When creating a positive work environment for staff members, it is crucial to acknowledge achievements. Doing so increases employee morale and motivation at work. Employees feel relevant and cared for when endorsed for their hard work.

Apart from the extrinsic factors such as a safe workplace, health and medical needs and financial stability, the intrinsic factors are equally important. Show the employees that you are noticing and observing their work and that it promotes the mission and vision of the company.

There are several ways of acknowledging and appreciating achievements:

  • Congratulate the employees via a company-wide email
  • Reward the standout performers with gifts such as cash rewards, certificates or souvenirs
  • Award an off-day or half-day as a sign of appreciation

Parting Words

Employees look for friendly and positive work environments as one of their essentials. Hence, there is an outset of seeking employee references about the workplace before joining. In all fairness, people are spending the bulk of their days getting through the daily grind, and there needs to be more than the monthly paycheck that drives employees to perform their tasks efficiently. At the end of the day, contented employees are loyal and hardworking, which eventually benefits the company.