ICON Park in Orlando, Florida, has been a favorite fun spot for years and it remains a hot, ever-evolving destination. If you haven’t visited lately, you might have missed some of the news, changes, and events.

Fear not: The park in review segment is here to look over everything that happened in June.

There were plenty of memorable late-spring and early-summer events at ICON Park. Among them, none had the impact of Pulse Remembrance Week. A somber event that still managed to uplift spirits, it was a pure success.

The Wheel at ICON Park was the heartbeat of Pulse Remembrance Week, generating donations for Pulse-related nonprofit activities and providing riders with unique experiences and opportunities.

In addition to Pulse Remembrance Week, the park saw a great new addition with The Carousel on The Promenade.

These are just the major highlights. Below, you’ll find the specific details of each grand event and how June proved to be a great month for ICON Park.

Pulse Remembrance Week

One of the main happenings for June was Pulse Remembrance Week. As we all remember, Orlando, Florida, was marred by tragedy on June 12, 2016, when the Pulse nightclub was brutally attacked and 49 precious souls were taken. Another 53 were injured, and the world wept over this terrible moment.

Pulse Remembrance Week aimed to honor the victims of that attack while working to live up to Orlando Strong ideals. The community reeled from shock and terror, but bravery, unity, and strength emerged.

With Pulse Remembrance Week, ICON Park was a central location where everyone came together to reflect on the losses faced, remember the heroics of first responders — and look to heal and grow.

Despite the somber commemoration of the tragedy, Pulse Remembrance Week added community and even moments of levity where we all remembered how to smile and live with joy. It was a unifying experience for all.

The Wheel at ICON Park


As the most iconic part of the entertainment destination, The Wheel at ICON Park played a key role in Pulse Remembrance Week. On June 12, every ticket sold for The Wheel resulted in a $5 donation to the onePulse Foundation.

During Remembrance Week, riders of The Wheel were offered Orlando Strong hats, and free commemorative digital photos were available from Magic Memories.

This foundation is run by the owner of the Pulse nightclub. It’s a nonprofit that funds a memorial for the tragic event. It also provides funding for a museum dedicated to remembrance, along with educational programs.

The Wheel was lit up in LGBTQ rainbow colors throughout Pulse Remembrance Week. This act of solidarity reminded the people of Orlando that even in the face of heartbreak, we can all stand together.

The Wheel was central to these efforts, and as always, this classic attraction served as the anchor for the heart of the Orlando Entertainment District.

The New Carousel

Pulse Remembrance Week was far from the only thing to happen at ICON Park in June. The month also saw the opening of a new attraction within the park, when The Carousel on The Promenade went live to the adoration of many.

Built in a classic style, this 36-foot carousel features 30 handmade figures. Visitors will see horses, sea dragons, zebras, and reindeer gliding in circles. It also has two chariot benches. The handmade imagery is exquisite and lives up to the ICON Park name.

Those looking to find the new carousel should visit The Promenade. Adults ride for free with a $5 ticket for their child. And up to two kids can ride for free with a paid adult ticket. For just $5, they can take a ride on this new attraction.

As a point of trivia for those interested, the carousel is only the second attraction at the entertainment destination that is owned and operated by ICON Park itself. Alongside The Wheel, The Carousel is now a lasting feature that is sure to bring smiles to visitors for years to come. It’s just one more way that ICON Park makes Orlando magic.

What’s in Store for July?

At ICON Park, things aren’t slowing down in July. On the Fourth of July, there will be special thanks for hospitality employees. The theme continues throughout the month with special offers and moments every Monday and Thursday.

And of course, the Light Up I-Drive event will be back to celebrate the nation’s birthday. Now a classic Independence Day celebration, this light show is not to be missed.

Enjoying ICON Park

If you missed any of the spectacular events in June, worry not. The entertainment destination will remain a hot spot for fun and adventure throughout the summer. With 20 acres of open air, there’s never a shortage of space for amazing activities and throngs of happy people.

The gate-free design makes it easy to come and go as you please, and that’s  why entrance and parking remain free. With an abundance of restaurants and boutique shops lining the entire entertainment destination, you’ll never run out of reasons to come back, or things to experience while you’re here.

Add to that local favorites like SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, Madame Tussauds Orlando, 7D Motion Theater, Museum of Illusions Orlando, and the Pearl Express train, and it’s clear to see why ICON Park is your entertainment destination in the heart of Orlando’s Entertainment District.