Writing a creative essay is not just collecting, analyzing data, and expressing your thoughts on a particular topic. Any cheap essay writing service can cope with such a task. Working on a creative essay is an entirely different level, and such a task often causes difficulties for everyone who comes across it. We have prepared for you seven ideas that will simplify your process of creating this type of writing assignment.

Original idea

An original idea is about 75% of success. This is the main thing worth counting on. People can be offered the same topic — A Winter Day — and every student will describe something particular. The crucial point is to write about something catchy and nontrivial. That is why it is worth paying special attention to the elaboration of the idea.

Logical structure

The structure of an essay can be very diverse but try to be logical and consistent. Whether or not to use the principle of “inverted pyramid” (from the most important to additional information and conclusion) is up to you, but try to make the meaning of the text “unfold” in front of the reader smoothly, without sharp jumps from one thought to another.

Answering the questions

The human mind is organized in such a way that thoughts are most often presented in the form of questions. “What happens if…?”, “Why can’t we…?”, “How long will it last…?”.

Unanswered questions are ethereal. Let us put ourselves in place of readers. You read someone else’s text with a lot of abstract unanswered questions. Thinking about the question, you can not follow the main idea further in the text. As a result, much more effort and time are spent.

And now, let’s imagine that instead of just ethereal questions, we also have the answers to these questions. In this case, a reader can evaluate not so much the question but the question-answer bundle, its thought, originality, and depth. The question and answer are like yin and yang, which are inferior without each other. That is why try to give answers to questions in an essay, justifying them if necessary.

Examples in an essay

The examples are another useful point that can be successfully used in an essay contest. Any statement looks complete and does not raise any unnecessary questions if it comes with examples. The examples allow you to get a little distracted from the author’s thoughts and bring a healthy flavor to the text.

An essay with examples makes a stronger impression on the reader, looks richer, and dilutes the monotony of reasoning. That’s why if you give examples in an essay, it’s a big plus. However, do not overuse them. 


A creative essay implies impressing the reader. To do this, you need to write an essay so that anyone was interested in reading it. And in order to understand that the reader is interested, try to put yourself in his shoes.

  • According to what criteria would you evaluate your work?
  • What would you remember if you had 100 writing pieces to assess?
  • In your opinion, how does the work correspond to the stated topic?

When you put yourself in the reader’s place, you begin to notice things that you, as an author, usually do not pay attention to. They may be trifles, but it is the trifles that can make a big difference. 

The layout of an essay

The so-called “monolithic essays” are very common. They are written as a whole block of text. And now imagine that there are people who need to read 10-50-100 such essays in a day. And what if they are written in small font size? The eyes are poured with blood, and fatigue appears.

And now imagine what will be the reader’s reaction, if, among the “monolithic” works, there is a beautifully designed, readable essay. That’s right — it will stand out. And it’s not even about what it says. The main thing is that it will attract attention, even before the reading.

Whatever you write about, remember that people read your text, and it’s in your interest to make people feel comfortable while reading your text. Do not be lazy to at least break paragraphs with an empty line, use lists and highlights.


Finally, do not forget that the best work is written when inspired. The fastest way to get inspiration and enthusiasm is to generate a new idea that can be put into practice. The spirit of competition also awakens inspiration and motivation to create something extraordinary to stand out from the crowd. You can even play writing games to boost your creativity and learn how to get inspired. For example, you can try compiling articles that consist only of words starting with O or F. You can find millions of creative writing prompts on the Internet and boost your inspiration daily.