The coolest ever Olympic event is just a month away and each of the fans are busy finding different live streaming options for Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. Indeed, they are willing to watch the matches in the stadium but the seats for the same will be limited.

All set in Beijing, the current Winter Olympics 2022 is all-set to take breaths away. The opening of the Winter Olympics 2022 will happen on the 4th February 2022. Now, at the current Winter Olympics 2022, there are ample events that will be taking place.

Among those events, Curling is among the most-watched events. Yes, people from all over the world watch the Curling event. It feels a lot exciting to watch the Curling event which you can even watch from your homes.

Rest, go ahead and explore each of the options for watching Curling at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Watch Curling at Winter Olympics Live Stream Online

We have got different streaming options for you that can be used for watching Curling at the Winter Olympics.

BBC Skysport

For the fans who live in the United Kingdom, you can use BBC Skyport for watching the current Curling event online. The current platform is hosting more than 300 hours of live coverage that is an unbelievable thing.

On top of that, in terms of the subscription cost, it can come at the starting price of 6.99 euros. Or else, you can even pay 57.99 euros per year that can help you stream the contents, for entire year.

Additionally, for the viewers who want to test the services first, then can go for the 7-Days Free trial offer.

With that, once you are satisfied with the services, then you can grab their services and eventually watch Curling events online.


Millions of Winter Olympic fans who live in USA region, Peacock is one of the most fantastic options.

It’s delivering streaming services for years and has offered quality, each time.

Now, in terms of the pricing, the Peacock starter price begins from $4.99 for a complete month. This is something quite cheap and can help you purchase the packages, at lower pricing.

On the other hand, Peacock services are great with streaming quality along with device support. With that, you can watch the Curling event with the help of Peacock, with no sort of issues whatsoever.

Channel 7

For the Aussies, Channel 7 is the savior that can help you watch Curling at the current Winter Olympics 2022 live.

All thank goes to channel 7 in Australia as they don’t charge any money from the viewers. With that, you will get one of the finest level streaming along with great device support.

Also, you have the option to pick your choice of channels which will offer you decent quality.

Rest, you must check on the mandatory things such as good internet and better device support.

Final Word of Mouth

Going at the ending phase, the better ways for watching the Curling event at the Winter Olympics is all here. With that, your job is to explore the streaming options on the basis of your country.

Then, you can easily watch the current Winter Olympics event Curling along with other events, in the finest possible way.