The modern world of today is filled with information of all sorts. We are forced to live at a fast tempo and make quick decisions without even realizing it! It’s an almost proven fact now that people prefer consuming information via videos to any other written form.

For this reason, video marketing is your go-to strategy if you are a small business owner. This form of Digital marketing is highly effective for enhancing your brand recognition and sales. Therefore, creating an effective video ad for your Startup as part of your marketing strategy is a powerful move. 

Online video advertising is a great way to educate people about your business, convert your leads into sales, and establish your brand in the market. You can use any channel to promote your videos, be it your website, Facebook page, Youtube channel, or newsletter.

How to Create an Influential Video Ad for Your Startup?

The question is, how can you create something that does the right work for you? Also, knowing that small businesses have a limited budget for marketing efforts, Let’s go through a few important tips to help you produce effective  video ads within your budget.

1. Leave the Right Impression in the First Few Seconds:

How your video begins is a crucial factor. To avoid potential customers from skipping your ad or going away, you need to grab their attention right at the very beginning. If you start your video ad with an attractive statement, it will spark the interest of all those in your target market. To attract your audience within the first few seconds of the video ad, go the extra mile by addressing a common problem, asking a relevant question, or sharing information that makes your brand stand apart. 

Once in a while, you will observe that video ads can be muted. Hence it’s even more important to start your ad with prominent visuals. These visuals will ensure that your viewers continue watching your video to the very end. And it can all be made possible via a good video ad maker.

2. Talk About Your Exceptional Brand:

What makes your brand different from others? Tell your viewers about your specialities in your video ad so they will know whether they’d be interested in your brand or not. Let your video speak for your brand and its uniqueness. Share your successes, display your achievements. Feel free to include client testimonials and positive feedback from your customers. The more you showcase the advantages of your company, the more effective your video ad will be.

3. How Long Is a Good Ad?

Don’t turn your advertisement into a movie. Most of the online video ads are about 30 seconds or less. While creating your video script, keep the length of the video in mind. 

However, there are times when longer videos can work in your favor, too, for example, when you’re using video for positioning your brand. A longer video would be a good idea if you’re narrating your brand story that features a customer.

Whatever you decide, do not keep unnecessary content in the ad so that you can send across your message as quickly as possible and keep your audience engaged throughout.

4. Have a Definite Theme:

Your video ad must inform the viewers what your video is talking about within the first few seconds. Are you talking about your product or a particular service offering? You can even make an ad campaign to share about an offer that you’re running or some value-add you will be offering for a particular time period. Give them a reason to watch and opt for your brand. Prioritize the theme while creating your ad plan, and it will work wonders for your business.

5. What Do You Want Viewers to Do?

Once you have the attention of your audience, your goal is for them to take action. Your ad must also tell them what they need to do at the end of your video ad. The call to action can be either shot or added as graphics and text while editing.

You can opt from a host of options for your CTA, such as showing them how to visit your website or make a purchase from your product catalog or mobile app.

Additional Things to Consider for Creating Your Video Ad

Now that you have an idea about the strategy behind the video ad, you must keep in mind the things involved in the creative process. If you’re looking for further tips, here are some:

  • Research the Market – What problem is the market facing that you’re trying to solve? Is your company helping them? A good ad will touch upon the real problem areas and how you can help.


  • Keep your Script Ready – Creating the video content without a script is not a good idea for your ad. Not something you can improvise on the spot! Keep the important components of your ad included in the Script, and make sure you get it reviewed by friends who are well-aware of your brand.


  • Pick the Right Platform – Got your video ad ready? Now it’s time to choose the right online platform to upload it to. You don’t want any last-minute hassles with your video hosting. Currently, YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook are the best available options.


  • Unleash your Creativity – If you want your viewers to pause and look at your videos, you need to be unique with them. Don’t let your video ad get lost in the crowd of thousands of other videos. Be as creative as you can, and your video ad will stand out and garner more viewership. 


Now that you have all the tips and tricks handy keep them in mind while creating your Startup’s online video ad. Every Startup has goals, including increasing sales or enhancing brand recognition, and video marketing will prove to be an effective strategy to meet those goals. Just create a plan, get the right content creator, and promote your videos through the right platforms. The best part is that you don’t need a huge budget to do video marketing for your small business.