With the help of a Pulse monitor app, you can measure your heartbeat and oxygen level anytime anywhere. The app has built-in sensors which can record your heart rate and oxygen concentration easily. The app, however, works on Samsung devices (like Galaxy Note and Galaxy S6 and above ranges) with these built-in sensors.

The app employs advanced algorithms to measure the oxygen saturation employing the raw infrared and the red signal output by the sensor. The free version of the app allows 3-5 free measurements per day and would be interspersed with displayed ads.

If you want, you can purchase in-app services to use the machine an unlimited number of times, and also comes with no in-between ads.


The Pulse Monitor app measures your heartbeat and oxygen in a matter of minutes. The app comes loaded with various features which include the following.

– With the app, you can save the results to access them later.

– They show a real-time pulse graph

– It provides a fast measurement opportunity and it is a continuous process, which can be carried out as many times as required.

– Back up and restoration data is possible with an export history transferred to a CSV file (it is a paid feature).

– The app facilitates an auto-reminder which helps remind you to measure the heartbeat and oxygen saturation every day.

– Range of measurement is set between 70%-100% for SPO2 and for heart rate it is set for a range between 30-190 beats per minute.

How to use it?

The oximeter app is extremely easy and simple to use. The below steps can easily help you use the app.

– For women who use nail polish or wear false nails you will have to remove it before wearing it on and if your hands are cold, you’ll have to warm them.

– Make sure you have rested appropriately before taking the measurement or at least rest 5 minutes before taking the value.

– Place your hand at the chest level and close to your heart and hold it there still for some time.

– Switch your oximeter on and then either place your middle or index finger into it.

– If the reading isn’t stabilizing keep it in your finger for more than one minute.

– Once it stabilizes take down the highest reading and the one that has not changed for at least 5 seconds.

– Keep a record of each reading and record from baseline three times a day and consult your doctor if you find some kind of changes in it.


The reviews are amazing and people using it are extremely satisfied with its use. People can use it to the best of their interests and are also able to resolve serious issues promptly by consulting their physician just in time.