The novel coronavirus has brought about a drastic change in the way that the entire world, and in essence, humanity functions. Gone are the days when you could just safely go and hug someone. Even the most basic human interactions have become risky. Just going to see a loved one and spending time with them is now akin to rolling the dice of Covid 19. You never know if you are going to get infected or not. What with the lockdowns the world over and the implementation of social distancing, we can safely say that humanity is going through one of its roughest patches yet. 

With all of the above happening, a lot of stress has been placed on our shoulders and it has been taking a toll on our mental health. In fact, a lot of different studies have been able to determine that one of the biggest health concerns during the pandemic is the mental health of people worldwide. Imagine being cooped up in the same house for such extended periods of time. Imagine living with the constant stress of all the Covid news. It really is not that hard to imagine since we are all in this together and are all experiencing these same things. 

Therefore, it has become imperative that we take proper measures to make sure that our mental health is in check. It is a specially trying time, especially for those who are already pre-disposed with mental health issues. The “normal” populace is also under immense stress and it would also do them wonders to do the things listed in this article. This will give you the best chance of staying in a relatively positive state of mind and allow you to see out the pandemic in a relatively more calm manner.

Read on to know more about our tips on keeping your mental health in check during the pandemic. 

Stick To A Routine

There is a lot of uncertainty in these very obviously uncertain times. You do not have control over a lot of things that are happening. The one thing that you do have control over is how you conduct yourself on a day-to-day basis during the pandemic. Sticking to a routine gives you some degree of control over your life and will help mitigate the really insane number of things that you do not have control over.

When making a routine, make sure that you do not aim too high and go for too many goals. A lot of people are like this. They make a routine that is not realistic and one that is not compatible with their lifestyles. Very soon, when they realize that the tasks they have set for themselves are not getting done, they want to give up on the routine. DO NOT DO THIS!!

Set yourself a realistic routine and also make sure that you give yourself some leeway and free time within your day-to-day schedule.


There have been experiments conducted in the Scandinavian countries. They introduced mandatory meditation classes into their primary education system. The results have been more than just impressive. Students reported better grades, there was less fighting in the classroom, the students were better equipped to handle stressful situations (such as examinations), and also the students were much more attentive towards their lessons. So, you can kind of see where we are going with this.

Meditation really helps us in a number of ways. Firstly, the entire concept of meditation is centered around deep breathing. Deep breathing has numerous health benefits, this should be obvious knowledge for most of us but we felt the need to mention it because it is that important. 

One of the best advantages of meditation and deep breathing is reducing the levels of stress and anxiety in a person. These are two things that have really been amplified by the emergence of the pandemic. You do not need to take it to an extreme level with the goal of reaching the Nirvana state of mind. All you really need to do is to set aside just about 20 minutes of your time every day for meditation.

There are plenty of guided meditation videos available on Youtube for free. These can really help you if you are a beginner with meditation.


This is also one of the more obvious suggestions but the benefits of regular exercise are such that it is impossible to not mention here. Just google how exercise helps you with regards to your mental health and you will be quite literally bombarded with many sources all saying the exact same thing. They will all have extensive lists of the numerous benefits that exercise can give you.

Even if you do just 10 mins of daily exercise, do it. A lot of people have this attitude of going overboard with their exercise plans and end up not following through with it at all. Therefore, just make sure you set yourself realistic goals so that you do not get demotivated. 

Light Therapy

One of the major reasons (and a very obvious reason as well) why we are listing light therapy in this list is due to the fact that the lockdown has severely limited our time spent outdoors. This means that we are not getting the sunlight that we need. This is where light therapy can really help.

The way light therapy works is by emulating the natural light of the outdoors in an indoor setting. This type of therapy has gotten wildly popular in the span of the last ten years and it is not for no reason. Light therapy has numerous health benefits. One of the major benefits being that light therapy works really well for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It has numerous other benefits for our mental health as well which includes helping with anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc.