Steel nuts are widely used in the construction industry. A small nut is very important in construction projects. Usually used with bolts, screws and washers. This is a common form of constraint. It plays a role of tightening and locking by installing nuts and bolts

These fasteners are necessary for heavy machinery and other equipment that is often affected by vibrating structures. If the nut has no clamping effect, the bolts and screws will fall off, and serious accidents will occur to the machine. It can stop production for maintenance, or cause property damage. 

Next, I will introduce the characteristics and functions of walnuts. If you start planning to buy nuts for your project, our advice will be of great help. 

The shape of ordinary nuts is hexagonal. Hex nuts are the most common and cheapest type and are used in many general-purpose products. There is a threaded hole in the center of the nut. The nut size we call is the diameter of the threaded hole. If you are ordinary household fasteners, we recommend that you choose grade 4 or grade 6 nuts. If it is an important part of mechanical equipment, you should choose high-quality nuts. Grade nuts, such as Grade 8 or Grade 10. 

Due to the different types of nuts used in construction projects, the correct nut type, size, grade and surface treatment must be selected. The following are some specific types of nut applications. Steel lock nut This type is most suitable for projects that are prone to vibration and have significant anti-loose effects. They provide resistance to vibrational forces. They also come in different styles, but most of them have the same purpose. 

Lock Nut Steel Winged Nuts The nuts with wing-like structures on both sides can be tightened or loosened with your fingers. These features make adjustments easy, even when used manually. This type is very suitable for construction projects that require frequent tightening or relaxation. Wing nut Square nut This type of nut usually has a larger surface area than the hex nut. This feature makes the wrench easy to grasp. 

In some cases, workers welded square nuts to the machine. The square nut slotted nut is also an effective tool in projects where vibration affects material efficiency. Slotted nut The function of slotted nut is to fix the front and rear axle screws of the vehicle by tightening. Through the front and rear axles, the frame and the tires are fixed together. 

To prevent the nut from loosening, the slotted nut must be secured with a split pin through the slot of the slotted nut. When fixing the slotted nut with a split pin, the slotted nut must pass through the center of the axle bolt. The hole diameter and groove width and depth of the slotted nut determine the size of the split pin. When the selected axle bolt and split pin and slotted nut are relatively matched, the nut will fix the front wheel and frame through the axle bolt and the split pin will fix the slotted nut through the bolt hole fastener of the axle so that the slotted nut Will not loosen so that the vehicle will not loosen when moving.