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How to Recover Money from Binary Options and Forex Loss: According to a reliable trustpilot review for eFunds Recovery, A honest customer review from a scammed customer goes thus:

Around 2 years ago I received a call from FOREX TRADING asking me to invest money in a Bitcoin and Ethereum mining network.

After I had some good progress they kept asking me to invest more and more. Eventually FOREX TRADER had finished taking all my Coins and started asking me for money and to buy coins and send them.

I know I was a fool but trust me this can happen to anyone as I ended up investing over 26 thousand pounds.

After a while I tried getting some money out but was told this could take 6 months before I can( important to notice that I was told that the account is liquid and free of costs or obligations).

After they said I need to wait I started noticing my account losing without proportion and I tried reaching out to cease all activity. Needless to say that they were unavailable until my account was completely empty.

I shouted, begged, sent emails and even left a review. Nothing helped. They dispersed with no trace.

After feeling completely helpless I started looking online for lawyers and hackers or anyone who can help me get my money back. I left information and received calls from numerous firms.

I ended up going with Funds Recovery and I am happy to say 85% of my funds were recovered in a short time and we are still working on getting the rest That was with a different Bank.

A Honest Review on Money lost to Bitcoin Cryptocurrency investment Scam:

‘’ Let’s say there are 800.000 clients who on average have 100 packages with a value of around 1 BTC. (Just a good guess) This means that there is a value of around 800.000 BTC right? At least let’s assume for the time being because Usi-Tech doesn’t give ANY TRANSPARENCY to the clients.

Well this means that the FIAT value of this is around A$ 12.000 per BTC which again means that Usi-Tech is planning to repay 9.6 Billion A$ Dollars (800,000 x A$ 12,000) ??? Who are you kidding??? NO WAY THEY ARE ABLE IN THE COMING 5 YEARS TO REPAY YOU. So basically you can consider your money being LOST!!! YES LOST!!! GONE!!! FENITO!!!!

What do you mean TRANSPARENCY???? The people who still are defending Usi-Tech should be arrested and put in jail or in a mental healthcare facility because you are all a danger to society

We all have lost our money and we are wondering how many Court cases are popping up right now to sue Usi-Tech and their management for STEALING OUR MONEY!!! ‘’ All thanks to a digital funds recovery service provider that can come to the aid of many and so far has over 80% success rate.

Funds Recovery for unregulated Bitcoin Scam and Binary options investments.

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CONCLUSION: How to recover your loss from a binary choices scam easy deals with whether or not you’re coping with a regulated broker or not. If you’ve been scammed, Today to file a case against the broker and take necessary steps to recover your scammed BTC fund.

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