It is not ideal to be stuck in a high-energy setting with a low-powered phone. If you are constantly looking for a charger or anxiously trying to make a five percent charge last throughout a busy day, here’s how to preserve your phone’s battery life so you are never left stranded.

Before you read any further, the first two things you need to know is the difference between battery life and battery lifespan. Battery life is how long your phone battery lasts without having to be charged. Battery lifespan is the longevity of your phone’s battery before it needs to be replaced entirely. Prolonging the life of your phone is not only good for the environment but is good for your pocket as well. It will carry a higher resale value as well when you go to sell your iphone. 

Starting with the basics, here are a few reasons why your phone battery is always running low:

  • Your software is not always up to date
    • Software updates often include new battery-saving features that cannot be accessed otherwise. The more advanced and draining the features on your phone becomes, the greater the battery conservation needs to be.
  • Your apps are overworking your phone
    • Apps such as Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp are notorious for draining battery life. If you have several of these apps on your phone at the same time, and they actively run in the background, it’s not hard to pinpoint why your battery is being drained.
  • Your screen brightness is too high
    • Something as simple as turning down your screen brightness can help preserve battery life. You can also set your phone to automatically adjust its brightness based on lighting, or shorten its display time to use less light.

For iPhone’s specifically, if you still notice that your device’s battery continues to work poorly, Apple suggests that you:

  • Avoid extreme temperatures
    • According to Apple, iPhones as well as iPads, iPods, and Apple Watches operate best at 32° to 95° F. The ideal temperature for these devices is between 62° and 72°. If you keep your phone in temperatures above 95°, it can cause permanent damage to the software and battery life. If stored in cold temperatures, you will notice poor performance in battery life. Fortunately, batteries can recover quickly from cold temperatures.
  • Avoid certain accessories while charging your phone
    • Sometimes your trendy phone case is at fault for your phone’s poor battery life. Some phone cases will cause your phone to generate excessive heat. The simple solution is to charge your phone without the case on.
  • Store away your device properly
    • If you are planning to store your devices, make sure the temperature is appropriate and the battery is NOT fully charged. You only want to charge your device to 50 percent. Don’t store your device while it is dead or else it may never be able to hold a charge again. At the same time, don’t store a device when fully charged, or else the battery may lose capacity over time.

Most smartphones come with apps or settings to help you maintain healthy battery life.

One of the tools that help preserve battery life is Low Power Mode. According to Apple, Low Power Mode optimizes device performance, reduces screen brightness, and prevents apps from downloading content in the background.

General Battery settings also allow you to view Battery Health, Maximum Capacity, and Peak Performance Capability, as well as weekly and daily battery stats.

You may also be able to find a rundown of apps used by percentage, the amount of time spent on each app daily, and the amount of time these apps run in the background.

In the case that the tips listed do not positively affect your phone’s battery life, you may need to seek help from phone repair experts. Sometimes the issue is not the phone’s battery, but another component entirely. Rather than stress over trying to repair your phone, have experts do it for you for an affordable price.