Spending a lot of money on a mobile phone gets you worried if something will happen to it because of some kind of a mistake like dropping it, etc. We all worry about something happening to them because financing another one is hard. There is protection for your phone to make them durable to any kind of crash up to some point. One of that protection is using phone cases for your iPhone. They not only protect your iPhone but also makes your phone cooler and better in any design and color you desire. However, their color and design do not provide you with the best protection. What they are made of and how they react to any kind of drop is the most important thing, and that is why you have to choose your phone cases wisely. In this article, we are going to talk about how to choose the best iPhone case that protects your phone in the best way possible.

The Protection

When searching for the best protection, there are cases that are made only to protect your iPhone. These cases are generally very thick and do not have the best visual for your phone because of their thickness. Literally, all it does is to protect your phone, and they do a great job. If you do not want any kind of mistake and want 100% protection for your precious phone, these cases are a must for you. The Onyx Marble model that we offer is an example of these cases. They have a high protective dual layer to protect your camera as well. It creates an elevation from your phone so that if it drops, your case will hit the floor, not your phone or its camera.

The shock-absorber bumper is also a plus when it comes to high-protection cases. Shock-absorber, as the name suggests, absorbs any kind of strike. This way, it does not affect your phone too much as it is supposed to. This way, it will be resistant to any kind of damage from the sides and the back, providing full protection in any way possible.

Specs & Design

If you are looking for something with better design and not something so thick to cover all of your phone’s visual, there are cases that focus on different specs and design to make your phone visible rather than giving 100% protection. They still offer you some protection but not as good as the ones we have talked about. These cases can differ from being transparent and plastic to show your phone rather than a case, to only having designs with a more solid material rather than plastic. Their protection is of course higher than the plastics ones but not strong enough to give a high percentage of protection. They could only protect your phone from small accidents and drops, more than that, it will be about your phone’s resistance.

Choosing a phone case for your precious mobile phone that you have spent hundreds of dollars on could be stressful but it should not have to be like that. If you know what you are looking for, it is actually pretty easy. Most people go with full protection rather than showing the phone but some prefer to see their phone’s beauty every day. Both are understandable requests but you have to know if you can afford to fix your phone if it gets broken while you are using a case that does not offer full protection. Other than that, it is up to your liking to choose which case & design you will go for.