Technology has taken over many of our older methods and made our life much easier. For example, people save money from cards while organizing an event or party because that’s no longer required now – thanks to virtual invitation cards!

So, if you have an event coming up anytime soon, and are thinking about designing a virtual invitation card, look no further than the segment below! We will talk in detail about all the nitty-gritty that will guide and help you create an attractive virtual invitation card! Let’s check out the following:

1.     What’s the purpose of the card?

Before you go on the other steps, you need to understand the purpose of the card. Through this, you can narrow out your ideas and make enough space to understand which way you should go and what you should put into the card. So, first, you start off with the purpose!!

2.     Visuals!

Once you’re aware of the purpose of the card, you can start working on the visuals. For instance, some people like putting up ribbon clipart and vectors for adult birthdays and summer weddings! It looks quite appealing and sober too!

On the other hand, if it’s a child’s party, people look out for cartoons and other children-related clipart. So, decide on the visuals just after you know the purpose!

3.     Surround the color theme around the visuals!

You don’t want to make a blunder here! Once you know or have a preliminary idea about the visuals you wish to put into the card, start selecting the colors that you want to put in it. Ideally, complementing colors is the best way to brighten the look of your card.

However, some people also prefer having contrasting colors, so decide on this and try out a rough one. This will help because you definitely wouldn’t want to put in all the effort a second time. So, keep a window for a trial-and-error process.

4.     Don’t forget the Font!

Another crucial part that most people ignore but shouldn’t is the font! The purpose of the event is directly linked with the font you are using for the card. So, make sure you choose a suitable font type that will go well with the color theme and also it’s readable.

5.     Try out the Templates!

Once you have chalked in your mind what colors you wish to put in and more, it’s time you start the process of checking in the templates. Several applications have templates that are ready to use. But if you want to make changes, you are free to do that.

For instance, if you don’t have the clipart present there, you can always add new and exciting clipart from a renowned website like illustAC. In this way, you take help and, at the same time, create your customized design.

6.     Don’t Ignore the Classic Fonts!

Interestingly, when you are designing a card, you are not just using one font! You would need to use more than one to keep the diversification and make it usual in the eyes. So, ideally, I’d suggest you stick to a few classic ones in certain places as they will share the details of your event.

Since typography shares all the minute information about your event, you definitely don’t want to go wrong there or want your guests to misread something.

To avoid all miscommunications, I’d suggest you stick to the classic fonts in certain places.

7.     Don’t Make it Clumsy!

As they say, too much of anything is good for nothing! And this saying is true in all aspects. So, if you are thinking about designing your virtual card, simplicity is the key. With this, I’m sure you are going to create a fabulous card that will be worth appreciating.

Final Thoughts

Your virtual card can add other minute details like maps and directions, but the points mentioned above are the basics. By following the points above, you can never go wrong in your design procedure.
So, as we slowly approach the end of our blog today, I hope you have quite a few things to keep note of and you know exactly how the virtual card designing process goes about. So, do follow these, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts below!