Facebook users can enable monetization from ads. To do this you need to have a guaranteed amount of interaction. One of the tips is how to download video Facebook.

How to increase Facebook video interaction

To be able to enable monetization you need a standard amount of video interaction. Therefore, optimizing videos, views, and interactions is very important today. With the following small tricks, the interaction from Facebook videos will increase significantly.

  • Content suitable for the audience

This factor plays an important role in whether your video is engaged or not. Your page needs a topic and the main audience you want to target. This helps you build a more systematic commerce site.

However, identifying the topic is not simple, requiring you to have time to follow up. A small tip to find your own topic that you can refer to is as follows.

Try posting some videos with different topics. Then keep an eye on which videos get the most comments, likes, and shares. From there start directing your page towards this topic.

Finding different videos requires you to choose a lot. To save time, try to refer to how to download video Facebook.

How to download video Facebook simple and safe

Start thinking about topics that inspire you first. Then access Facebook, video treasure with thousands of attractive topics. To download video Facebook just follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Copy the video link with your favorite theme.
  • Step 2: Access the Facebook video download SnapSave tool, paste the link just now into the input box.

SnapSave Tool

  • Step 3: Choose the video quality you want from 1080p to 4K.
  • Step 4: Click download and let the server handle the rest.

So you now have a clip to share. This way, it will help you quickly find the right topic for your page, and it’s completely free.

We recommend SnapSave.app because its features are extremely high quality. Besides being easy to use, the tool is also usable on both phones and PCs.

At the same time, the quality of downloading videos from Facebook is also varied. Not only full HD but even 4K quality with sound. This is a feature that most tools do not yet do.

  • And for computer users, you can also use Chrome Extension to download videos Fb quickly, and easily, details are available on SnapSave’s homepage.
  • For Android users, they have another option to use an Android app like SnapX to download videos Facebook faster, in addition, SnapX also supports downloading Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok videos (no watermark).

Learn how to optimize when posting videos

The video platform is growing strongly on Facebook. Darkening the elements below will never be superfluous for you. If you think that engagement comes from ads, you are wrong.

Post videos on Facebook

Instead of using expensive ads, try optimizing videos, the results will definitely be very surprising.

  • Right from the moment the video started

Unlike youtube, if your page is not known by many people, streamline your video. The cumbersome openings like Intro can all be omitted to go straight to the content.

This will help your followers grasp the information you want to convey more quickly.

You need to know that most Facebook users set the autoplay video mode. That is if in the first 1-2 seconds your video must be attractive to viewers. Otherwise, your hope of high engagement when it comes to revenue is almost impossible.

No one will want to download videos from your Facebook if it is not attractive. Therefore, put yourself in the audience to know if you are attracted by that clip.

  • Optimize thumbnails (video avatars)

Similar to Youtube, the video’s avatar (thumbnail) is very important, because it will determine whether viewers will click to watch your video or not. So create an eye-catching profile picture and attract viewers!

  • Video title, description containing the main keywords (optimized for Seo)

The title and description of the video try to write content containing keywords to optimize for SEO, when users search for keywords on Google or on Facebook, they will be able to search for your video.

And one small but important detail that you should not forget: Add hashtags in the description and Tag of the video

The hashtag is also something to help optimize SEO for your video when users search, so don’t ignore it!

The tag section is similar, uses keywords related to video content, and is widely searched to increase the likelihood of appearing when users search!

For keywords to put in tags, hashtags, I suggest you a little trick that is to choose keywords related to your video, then search on google, youtube to see more suggestions from search engines. Search there, you will have more suggestions about the most searched keywords.


Above is the sharing on how to increase video interaction and tips for downloading Facebook videos from SnapSave. Hope this article helps you take new steps, attract more interactions. Good luck.