The recruiting agency that you choose to work alongside your company can prove to be one of the most valuable business relationships that you ever have. These agencies should be able to supply you with the best talent for short-term staffing, including maternity leave, seasonal staffing, and knowledgeable team members for specific projects. Not all recruiting agencies are good recruiting agencies, and some may specialize in some industries while largely neglecting others. In order to identify the ideal Recruiter agencies for your business, you should be looking for the following four qualities:

  1. Check out the Candidates

Selection is key for companies in finding the person who is not only the right fit for the job, but for their company’s culture. The applicant pool that the recruiting agency is drawing from should be filled with talented and able individuals who are able to work within your industry or in a specific job role.

  1. Ask About the Screening Process

One benefit to choosing a recruiting agency over doing any job hiring yourself is that they have the tools and extensive knowledge in screening and qualifying candidates. You will want the recruiting agency to have clearly done due diligence and extensively screened each candidate. Ask them about their screening process. If the agency simply accepts resumes and checks references, you may not end up with the caliber of talent your organization needs to move forward to the next level.

  1. See if They Specialize in Specific Areas

Many agencies are now segmenting or specializing in particular areas or industries. This will help you narrow down your option of agencies. Another positive to choosing a more specialized agency is that these agencies are able to track and attract the best talent in your field, resulting in more capable and qualified candidates for you to choose from.

  1. Look for Perks and Additional Services

Recruiting agencies have their own competitors to worry about. Because of this, many are now looking for ways to branch out and offer more to their clients. Some perks include:

  • Working closely with only one or two account managers
  • Customer service available after business hours
  • Guaranteed job placement

Working with one or two dedicated account managers is the most beneficial of all. Not only will the account manager clearly understand the needs of your company, but also they will be personally accountable for providing you with best talent in the industry.