Being a corporate professional comes with its own charm as well as its own unique challenges. One of the biggest challenges could be putting up with a bad boss who is moody, never satisfied, and promotes a toxic work environment.

A LinkedIn sensation once said, “People don’t leave jobs, they leave bad bosses.”

But, not everyone can afford to leave their job because of a bad boss, and that’s why keeping up with them remains the only option. But how?

Ways to Handle a Bad Boss

Here are few helpful ways you can keep up with a bad boss:

Identify their Pet Peeves

Start by identifying what triggers your boss. Observe their behavior carefully under certain situations and avoid all those gestures or conversations where your boss tends to heat up. If there are some unavoidable things particular to your job role, try to find a middle ground.

Identify their Passion Points

Observe and identify what motivates your boss and brings out the best in them. Act accordingly afterward. Give your boss those motivating cues so that they’re more polite and positive around you. When you work aligned with their passions, you are likely to land in their good books.

Be Confident

A bad boss, in simple terms, can end up being a bully. It’s important not to be intimidated and demotivated by toxic behavior. As long as you’re performing well, stay confident and headstrong. Put your case across gracefully and with confidence. Don’t misconstrue that as arrogance. Be firm but polite and respectful.

Manage Conflict

Managing conflict with a problematic boss can become a depressing venture, but it can be mastered over time. In instances where you and your boss aren’t on the same page, avoid an unfiltered confrontation. Speak in a polite tone and explain your point of view instead of pointing out flaws in theirs. Furthermore, try to present a win-win aspect in every situation so that your boss sees you as an ally and not an opponent.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Instead of feeling disheartened and taking longer meal breaks, take the high road. Report on time, plan beforehand and never leave a chance for your boss to pick up anything and use it against you. Run an extra mile to leave him with no reasons to complain. Look at it as a challenge you need to overcome but don’t overdo it and compromise your well-being and mental health.

Avoid Unnecessary Conversations

To preserve your mental well-being, don’t interact with your boss outside work and avoid their company whenever you can. Distance yourself from your boss and seek the company of friendly coworkers and seniors.

Dealing with a difficult boss can be draining but manageable if you adopt small habits. Taking their remarks and actions at face value instead of personally is one of them. The catch is to perform at the best of your ability at your job, focus on the brighter side, and maneuver communication smartly. You may also want to consider a life and career coach.. You got this!