As much as we take care of our hands, we need to take care of our feet too. Being able to do the pedicures right at home is something that people want, and indeed it is possible too. With the help of regular pedicures, we can keep our feet pretty and healthy. People check out for different tips on because it has a lot of best ones.

If toenails are properly trimmed, and there is no dirt in them, it is easy to keep them healthy and not be embarrassed. Even though it is easy to use the pedicure kit at home, there have to be some steps to ensure better use of it. Many people go to salons or call up for services at home, but that is not good for the pocket.

With the help of the best pedicure kit and some steps, it will be easy to do it at home, pocket-friendly. Here are some steps that will help take care of your feet and give them the care they need,

Prepare for the process

It is imperative to prepare for the steps. So the first thing one needs to do is keep all the items in one place. If something is missing at the time of doing the pedicure, that will be irritating, plus it will ruin the steps you already did. To be sure that everything is in place, it would help if there was a list of the products. With that, it will be easy to keep a check, and there will be nothing that can annoy during the relaxing pedicure.

Here are some of the products that people need during a pedicure,

  1. Towel
  2. Scrub  or pumice stone
  3. Nail clipper and filer
  4. Basins with warm water or foot soak or if someone has a foot spa unit.
  5. Cuticle stick
  6. Nail paint (not an obligation)

These are the six main things that people need during their pedicure, and with the help of a checklist, there will be no hurdle in the process.

Soak the feet

Herewith this we start the actual steps of doing the pedicure at home. According to if we soak our feet prior to the process, many toxins leave the skin, making the process easier. So this is the reason it is the first step and a mandatory one. With the help of a bucket filled with warm water or a foot soak machine, we can commence the process.

It is important to soak the feet for 15 to 20 minutes in the water. In water, we can add the foot soak solution or soap or shampoo, or salt. It will help the feet to get smooth, and it will be very effective. People have to choose warm water because cold water will not be as effective as it is. After this, the feet will be relaxed and in the position to get to the next steps.


Our feet sometimes get to experience the worst; we walk bare feet or let them stay in shoes or heels all day long. They need a lot of care because they get so hard sometimes. So after we keep the feet in the water for some time, we need to use the scrub to take all that dead skin away.

With the pumice stone or scrub’s help, start scrubbing the heel and outer sides of the feet. This way, we will be able to get rid of the skin that makes our feet very hard and coarse to touch. People use this technique inside the water and outside it. It is always better to do this while keeping feet outside water because, according to, we will be able to have a better grip on them.


Once the smoothening process is complete, it is time to start shaping the nails. Even if it is a fact that foot nails have fewer tendencies to grow as fast as fingernails. But by the time we get to them, it is important to shape them. So once we take out our feet from the water, we need to dry them. With the help of drying them, we get to give proper shape to nails.

Once we cut the nails to the length we need, we need to use a filer. With nail filer, we can smoothen the ends of the nails so that they are not uneven and sharp. It is possible that our foot nail can give us a lot of trouble if we don’t make them be in shape after cutting them.


We did a lot of things to our feet, so yes, they need moisturizer now. When we use the scrub, it is possible that people overdo it, and that causes irritation to the feet. So use a good and hydrating moisturizer on freshly pedicured feet and nails. It will give them the moisture they need, and they will feel so smooth at the touch. If someone wants to give a little bit more of the care, they can use home remedies.

Making a paste of honey and some olive oil and then cling wrapping the feet will give a lot of care too. After applying the paste, keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it off to get those smooth and well-taken-care-of feet.


This one is highly optional, but we women love to paint our nails as it adds up to the beauty. Men can also use transparent nail polish to give that shine to their nails. But as we said, it is totally optional for all.

The final verdict

Our feet are the only body part that gets to feel the most neglected part of the body. They bear our body weight the whole day long, so yes, they need some good care too. With the help of pedicure tips of, it is easy to get to the best service at home and save a lot of money.