Real estate ventures can be both exciting and stressful, whether it’s hunting to find your next home or selling your existing place. With buying and selling your home, also comes many decisions that need to be made.

Having a good real estate agent working for you can help streamline the process immensely, as they take care of many behind-the-scenes aspects that come with the buying and selling of homes. They can also help take your housing wish lists and use them to find you new listings you may not have otherwise seen.

But how do you choose the best real estate agent when there are so many options out there?

Here are four great signs to look for when it comes to finding a great real estate agent.

Hire an Agent You Like

Experience is all well and good on paper, but keep in mind that you’re going to be working closely one-on-one with this agent for as long as you’re in this real estate venture. Especially for house hunting, this can take time, so making sure you get along with your agent is crucial to the process. Choose an agent you can mesh well with, one who has your best interests in mind and that you can trust to negotiate the best deal for you.

They Have Support Behind Them

Does the real estate salesperson work solo, or do they have an established company backing them up? A good real estate agent has to cover many bases and juggle between multiple clients at once. While there are many independent agents who are able to do this, there is more security for you in knowing that an established real estate firm with an excellent reputation can help with all the logistics of buying and selling your home.

They Have a Plan

When speaking with the agent, ask them what plans they have to help you in buying and selling your home. When selling, what’s their preferred marketing method? Will the agent be taking videos for virtual tours or send out mailings to the area? How will they reach potential buyers both near and far and properly showcase your home?

When it comes to helping you buy, do they take note and understand your wish list? How do they plan to find a house, and how often will they send you listings? Will they be available for impromptu house viewings? Do they have access to “off-market” homes?

Having a good real estate agent means having one who can confidently and clearly lay out their plan of action to give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other details that come with moving, such as packing and moving schedules.

Remember, You’re Hiring Somebody

This is a bit of an obvious statement but often overlooked. When you hire a realtor, you’re, well, hiring them. Check testimonials and research your agent’s history of success.

You don’t need to be as extensive as asking for their entire resume. However, asking your realtor a few questions about their qualifications can help you determine you’re getting an experienced agent.