Weeds are taken for various purposes but usually to get high or alter the state of mind. For a seasoned weed smoker, being high is enough. However, when one gets used to smoking week, he/she begins searching to boost his/her high.

Adopting a few habits and smoking weed in a certain way have proven to help you achieve what you are seeking; boost your high. If even after trying you are failing to get higher from smoking weed, try the following;

  • Switch to the higher THC level weed
  • Adopt a new way of smoking weed
  • Grind the weed
  • Smoke in right place and at the right time
  • Inhale the smoke well
  • Smoke less

Switch to the higher THC level weed

If the current weed is not getting you as high as you want, what you can do is change the strain. Each strain is different from others in quality and potency, therefore switching to weed with higher THC levels would surely help. The two sativas that happen to have the higher THC levels are Green Crack Buddy Boy and Phat Panda OG Gem. If nothing else is working you can pick one from these options. Now you can order cheap weed in canada.

Adopt a new way of smoking weed

Switching to a weed with a higher THC level alone is not enough for the need, you have to change the way you smoke as well. Of the available options, bong and vaporizer are the two methods that help in boosting high. Get rid of smoking joints as it is not going to take you anywhere and try a bong or vaporizer to find the most suitable option.

Grind the weed

It has been observed that the well-ground weed also boosts the smoker’s high. Additionally, grinding the weed also helps in neater packaging, and even burning. Grinding the weed would only take a minute or two, therefore, grind it to perfection and see how it helps you in boosting your high.

Smoke in right place and at right time

If switching to the higher THC level weed is not boosting your high, you might have not been smoking at the right place and time. The best time to smoke weed is after a workout and there is no right place. You just have to keep switching places and not let your body get used to the environment. Therefore, find new places to smoke weed at.

Inhale the smoke well

Inhaling can also help achieve a better high. So, slow down, inhale the smoke as much as you can, and enjoy the process. If you are having a hard time inhaling the smoke, try the 4-2-4 technique. The 4-2-4 technique is to inhale the smoke for 4 seconds, pause for 2 seconds, and then exhale for 4 seconds. The 4-2-4 technique has worked for most weed smokers, it will surely work for you as well.

Smoke less

Once you start smoking regularly, the body gets used to it, it prevents you from achieving a strong high. Therefore to get a strong high, you have to smoke less. Moreover, you have to do so to build tolerance as well.