How do I find my long lost aunt online? Is she still alive? How is she doing? Those are some of the question you might be asking yourself about a long lost relative which might make you want to establish a connection.

It might have happened that you heard that you had an aunt that you never met and would love to meet them. You might be wondering what kind of a person she is and a lot other stuff about them.

So whatever the circumstance may be that led you to seek your aunt, rest assured as there are ways to locate her. You can go to

How can I Search for My Long Lost Aunt Online?

Before we start on the methods on how to lookup your aunt online, you will need to gather as much information about her as possible. These details will come in handy as you conduct your search. The details include middle name, age, city, phone numbers, physical addresses, email address, education background, occupation and organisations as some of them.

These are details you can search with on online sites. The sites to search from are people search sites (Free White Pages, Yellow Pages, Truth Finder, 411, Pipl), public records sites (Ancestry, Spokeo, Intelius, Genealogy Bank), social media sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, Instagram) and search engines (Yahoo, Bing, Google).

How Do I Search for a Long Lost Relative?

The above listed sites support searches with a name, phone number, physical address, email address, username among them. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind though about these types of searches:

Searching with a Name

Searching with a name has its advantages and disadvantages. A lot of sites support name searches online. This makes it easy to lookup someone. However, names searches might return a large number of results to go through. That is where the extra details suggested above come in. information like city, age, occupation, organisations can help narrow down your search results.

Searching with a Phone Number

Phone number searches are another option you have to find your long lost aunt. If you have a phone number with you, you can try a search with it. You can also ask from other relatives for the phone number too.

If your aunt had a phone number to search with, you can try this search. Results from this type of search will normally be an address and a name, depending on the site you are searching from.

Searching with a Physical Address

Physical addresses may give you the name and phone number of your aunt as basic information. You can continue to contact your aunt with this information if the results are positive. Even if you don’t find her, those found on the address might have information on what happened to your aunt.

Searching with an Email Address

Email addresses can be give you a positive outcome on a search too. A large number of the world’s population use them to register on different sites online. This include social media sites. Your aunt might have used it too.

If you have your aunt email address with you, then you can use it to find her. Sending her a message on it might prove futile if she no longer uses it. But, searching with it on social media sites might give you her latest activity.

So if you are asking yourself, how do I find my long lost aunt online? Now you have a few options at your disposal. If these options prove futile, you can try the services of a private detective. Such services will come at a cost.