The first question that pops in the mind as soon as you get to know about a relocation in near future is “How much does it cost to hire movers”? The best moving companies associated with Moving Apt state that there are mainly three type of customers. The first one are those who have a lot of money and are least concerned about what they pay, second are those who relocate because of the job and their employers take care of their expenses and the third are the ones who have no idea how much the move is going to cost them.

Off course, most of the customers fall in the last category. There are many platforms that claim that here the list of best moving companies and prices. But, the real experts explain that the cost of the move changes with the specifics of the move. There are a range of factors to be considered. The average cost of an in-state move is calculated to be $1,170, whereas an interstate move costs around $5630.

It is important to understand what constitutes the moving cost to ensure that you do not get surprised with the amount to be paid on the bill.

The elementary aspect of moving cost:

It is very important that you know a few basic things about the move before you hire the moving company. The key aspects that must be known include:

  • What do you prefer, full-service moving company or DIY move?
  • Should you rent a truck on your own or let the moving company take care of it?
  • What type of moving insurance should you avail?

Depending upon your choices, you will have one of the three types of move which is Hybrid Move, a Full-Service Move, and a DIY Move.

Calculating the cost of the movers in 2020:

If you choose to hire a full service moving company, off course you will have to pay a higher price. If you hire full service moving company, the movers will take charge of your move completely- from loading to unloading and driving the items safely. The estimate depends on the type of moving services you choose, the distance you travel and the size of the moving inventory. On an average, hiring full service movers can cost you around $1,500-$2,000, but can be way more if you are having a large size move.

On the other hand, if you choose to have a hybrid move, you have to hire the moving labor and vehicle separately, which means you have two chances to negotiate. Finally, in case of a DIY move, you do everything on your own and have the best chances to make your move affordable. However, if you have do not have the right experience and knowledge, you can also end up having a complete disaster from your move.

Key difference in the cost of a local move and a long distance move:

It is common knowledge that local moves are way cheaper than long distance moves. If you are loving locally, you will have to pay around $100 to $300 for the move. On the other hand, if you are moving to a long distance location, the cost of a move on an average can be $1000 and above.

However, in case of local movers, there are many other factors that can affect the moving cost. These factors includes the time of the move and location. If you choose to move on a weekend on a fine sunny afternoon you will have to pay a higher price than a move which is scheduled on a weekday in the early morning hours and during the tough winter season.

These factors also affect the cost of long distance move also. However, in case of a long distance move, the distance to be travelled is the key factor that make it expensive or pocket-friendly.

Tips for finding the best movers in 2020:

  • Get online moving quotes:

If you want to get the maximum number of moving quotes and compare them easily, you must better ask for online moving quotes. There are many platforms that offer you online estimates from the best moving companies.

  • Know the company:

Check the company website and find out key information about them. Thus includes there full name, address, registration number and more.

  • Check reviews and rating:

It is also very important to check the reviews ad rating of the company and find out what the previous customers have to say about the moving company.

If you do the right research and use this guide you can easily calculate the cost of moving as well as find the best, most credible and affordable moving company. So, go ahead and have a successful and affordable move.