The process of relocation can have different effects on different individuals. It is often a complicated and stress-full process that majority of people have to undertake sometime or another. Whether you are relocating locally or planning an international relocation, the moving process can become complicated at any time. However, local moving companies state that people tend to be less concerned about their local move complications than long distance move. These movers further suggest that this negligence when planning a local move can cause big problems and the home mover may end up with great losses, unexpected delays and unsatisfactory moving experience.

To ensure you do not have to bear with the same complications, we have compiled some of the core problems that you might face during a local move.

Common moving complications during local move

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when moving locally. More often than not, the things which go wrong are a part of the relocation plan that you have been working on for ages. While you must know most of these complications, it is important to highlight a few of them. The list is very long but we have compiled the most common relocation complications and how to avoid them:

Bad weather:

One of the things that is not under your control as the weather and its uncertain nature. Even the clearest of the skies can turn into a cloudy patch ready to downpour in no time. Whether you are moving in the summer season or have chosen a sunny winter day for the move, ensuring that the weather condition on the particular day are favorable is important. Check the weather forecast to avoid moving during a rainstorm.

If in case you face an uncertain turn of weather, you must request your local moving company to help you with the postponement. Credible moving companies offer flexibility to their customers. However, there are a few terms and conditions associated with it.

Rogue moving company:

Your local moving experience can turn into a disaster if you get caught up with a fraudulent moving company. The first and most important step of a success moving plan is to search for a reliable and trustworthy moving company that understands your requirements and offers the expected services. There are several moving companies in the market and not all of them maintain the same degree of quality, professionalism and efficiency in their operations.

The majority of moving market in the US is occupied by rogue movers who prey on naïve moving service clients. Moving scams have become a common practice now and there are many people who can narrate how badly they were fooled by a moving company that appeared to a great help at the start.

Some of the ways to identify rogue movers is to read the following signs:

  • Lack of or no online reviews
  • Moving company forcing for an advance deposit
  • There is no insurance cover provided by the moving company
  • The moving contract appears shady and unprofessional
  • The company does not have a portfolio
  • There is no permanent address of the company


Overstepping your budget limit is another complication that many people face. The best moving companies specializing in local moves state that it is essential for home movers to calculate the cost of moving. There are various moving cost calculators that help moving service clients calculate the cost of movers.

To ensure you do not run into any budget problems during the relocation, it is important to know the cost to expect but also have some contingency fund kept securely. A checklist of the items in the inventory would help you calculate the exact cost. Many moving companies charge on the basis of moving boxes you have and others may charge on different factors.

Inventory damage

The last thing you want is to receive your belongings damaged or lost. Sadly, this is the most common complications moving home owners face. Packing the items efficiently is the first way to protect your moving inventory. Then, placing the items in the moving truck effectively is another layer of protection. Finally, it is the expertise of the moving truck driver to ensure a safe and bump-free ride.

Also, as you pack the cardboard boxes make sure you label them and mark ‘fragile’ or ‘this side up’.

Engaging professional moving company can save you from all these complications. All you need to ensure that you choose a credible moving partner. The movers have experience and knowledge to manage the moving process and eliminate all the risks and complications associated. This means that you can have a safe relocation, with peace of mind. Do not think that you can handle a local move without professional help. Instead, go ahead and find a reliable moving company that can ensure complete success of your moving process.