The security of your data over the web is crucial. We use to store a lot of sensitive data over the web on different websites. We also use different apps and websites where we enter banking details to make online transactions.

To make things easier for you, Bitdefender’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month campaign is happening right now. These blog posts will help you to know about useful security tips to safeguard your sensitive data.

Your web security is based on your password and the way how you surf the web. Besides strong passwords, there are a few other things that you can do before you start surfing the web, such as installing a trusted anti-malware software. We have enlisted everything about keeping yourself safe from cyberattacks.

How do I Create a Strong Password?

If you found that your data got compromised, then you may face many problems with your accounts. To keep things secured, you must use strong and unique passwords for your bank accounts, social networks, etc. Most people keep the same passwords for all the websites and social networks.

Instead of keeping the same passwords, you should create unique passwords for all the social networks and websites where you have created your account. This way, you can keep your different profiles of yours secured. You can create a strong password using online password generator tools or can keep a longer password. We will share the benefits of keeping a longer password later in this post.

Most people’s data is compromised on the web due to a lack of awareness. To make people aware of such web attacks and malicious activities in the background of their systems, the CISA has announced October month as Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Popular Antivirus Manufacturers and cybersecurity experts do share their thoughts and opinions about how one can keep their data safe. Passwords are actually the watchdogs of your privacy that many people do not know. When you keep weak and short passwords, the chances of getting your account compromised are high. For that reason, it is recommended to have a strong and long password for your profiles.

Security Experts often share unique tips to keep your data over the web secure. They do make use of social network profiles and other platforms to share things with their followers. Some security experts tie-up with popular antivirus software manufacturers as security advisers to share security tips through their social network profiles.

If you’re wondering about platforms where you can get security tips, go with Instagram. Instagram is the most useful platform for web users as well as brands to spread awareness among their customer base. You can get daily security tips by following the Bitdefender Instagram page. Likewise, other manufacturers also keep themselves active on various social networks to spread awareness about security topics.

Why are longer passwords better?

In simple words, longer passwords are hard to be compromised. Yes, this is the primary reason to keep a longer password for any profile that you create on the web. If you have already set a short and quick-to-remember password, you should change them immediately after reading this post.

Longer passwords can’t be compromised easily as they consume more time. Instead, they try out profiles with short passwords. If you go with the password generator tools, you would be provided with passwords with up to 20 characters.

Why do long passwords matter?

Passwords are meant to keep your profile authorized which means only authorized persons can open that particular profile. If you share your password with your friend, he can become an authorized person and can easily open that profile.

A stronger, or rather, a longer password acts as a security barrier. And they can’t get to your data as you have set a strong password which is difficult for them to crack. Stronger passwords also keep the data stored in your computer safe from being compromised. The only way with which they can get into your computer’s data is through web surfing.

You don’t need to keep a password which is hard to remember. Instead, just keep a phrase or anything longer that is easy to remember by you so that you can easily open that profile using the longer password.

According to a recent study, one out of 10 people uses the same password on different profiles. This means they focus more on such people whose multiple accounts can be compromised at the same time. To keep your profiles safe, you should keep a different password with more than 8 characters for each of your profiles on the web. This way you can keep your accounts safe from getting compromised.

The Takeaway

Besides keeping a longer password, you should change your password more frequently. It is advisable to change your passwords every 90 days. To make things easier, you should keep a password manager tool to manage your passwords online. If your password is compromised, only then you should change earlier than the suggested time frame.