When you decide to become a pet owner, there is a whole range of items that you should check on your list.

Because with cute and cuddly furballs also comes a level of responsibility to ensure that they have the best quality of life possible.

So while you may be preoccupied with the adorable little pet you have welcomed into your home at the beginning, you can just as easily be snapped back into reality when something unexpected happens—such as a health emergency.

That is why one of the top things on your to-do list when preparing to welcome a pet is to sign up for pet insurance. This will allow you to be supported from the very start so that no matter what, your pet will get the proper medical support that they deserve.

But as many pet owners start out on their journey of caring for a cute and cuddly animal, figuring out how to get started with pet insurance can feel overwhelming. What provider should you choose? How do you know if your premium will cover what you really need it to? How much will you get reimbursed? Will they even cover your pet?

These questions and more are all important things to consider when starting your pet insurance journey. And we’ve got all the answers for you to consider so that you can feel confident committing to a pet insurance plan that is right for both you and your pet.

Understanding What Pet Insurance Is 

How to get pet insurance is a simple process to understand, but the most important part of the journey is first comprehending and familiarizing yourself with what pet insurance actually is.

Similar to human medical insurance, pet insurance operates with the same general concept of helping ease financial burdens in an exchange for committing to pay a monthly premium. The goal of pet insurance is to be able to provide any medical care that your pet may need, regardless of what type of care that may be.

When you sign up for pet insurance, you are able to say “yes” to anything health care related for your pet, knowing that up to 90% of the medical bill will be reimbursed. This means that all the wellness check-ups, vaccination appointments and even emergency procedures will be accessible for both you and your pet.

Compare Pet Provider Plans

The first step in the pet insurance journey is to compare different plans and understand the small details that can make a whole world of difference. There are three key details you should really pay attention to when comparing pet provider plans.

  1. If they cover your type of pet

Not all pets are covered by all insurances. Although it is important to remember that the very best ones do not discriminate against any breeds or ages of animals, so it is not impossible to find a coverage plan that supports your pet’s specific needs. This will obviously be one of the most important points when it comes to deciding on what your insurance coverage will look like, so always ask this question first.

  1. If there are any waiting periods

It is always recommended to sign your pet up for pet insurance as soon as you can. This is because you want to be covered from any and all scenarios and not risk being financially put out. So it is important to know what your waiting periods are with your insurance coverage plan, so you can also start to make arrangements for when they can visit the veterinarian clinic for wellness check-ups, vaccinations or to tend to any illnesses or injuries and know you will get reimbursed for the bill.

  1. If you will be able to get coverage anywhere

The best pet insurance plans let pet owners take their pets to any veterinarian clinic and still get the same type of coverage benefits. This is super important because it means that you will then be able to search around and find a clinic that both you and your pet feel super comfortable at and one that you believe can support all your pet’s health needs.

  1. If you can bundle your pet insurance

Chances are that if you’re a pet lover, you will likely want more than just one pet. The best pet insurance plans allow you to create a bundle coverage plan that just requires one premium payment a month and covers all your pets’ health care needs. That way the finances stay simple and you never have to play favorites with your pets.

Your journey with pet insurance should be an exciting and liberating one—giving you the comfort of knowing your pets will always get the health care they deserve.