Do you know that industrial décor is becoming quite popular today? It is gradually becoming a part of interior design and helps you bring a chic and urban look to your interior living space. Interior designers generally draw inspiration from factories and warehouses for rendering the industrial interiors to modern homes. 

Popular with bachelor pads 

The industrial interior is quite popular with bachelor pads. However, this does not mean you cannot introduce it to your family home. You can even renovate your existing home with the industrial décor and give it a unique appeal. Make sure you keep some heavy duty tarp handy when you are renovating the home, as it will protect items from temperature and heat when you need to store them aside till the project is completed. 

Given below are some key tips to help you embrace the industrial interior to your family home- 

  1.  Embrace the monochrome palette – For a modern-day loft kind of appeal, you should embrace the monochrome palette where you should incorporate blacks, white and some shades of grey. This look might emit a cold appeal to some; however, it is cool too. This colour scheme will resemble manufacturing elements as well as warehouses. It will give your family home an urban aura. You can choose some canopy beds made of wrought iron and embrace some minimalist lights that are functional and resemble a commercial setting. 
  2. Optimize wood and metal – If you want to exude an industrial ambience in the family home, you should embrace timber and wood to complement them with polished metals and wrought iron. They are the perfect blends to create an industrial look in your home. The juxtaposition of them gives the space a modern and chic look while at the same time, an industrial and rustic appeal.

You can take some weathered wood from the local hardware store and use it in the design. You can also pick up a second-hand table made of wood that shows you the signs of wear and tear to make it the focal point of any space. If you are good with DIY projects, you can even create a unique table for your home. Metal materials are also great for shelves, and you can pick up some chairs made of metal and use them around the dining table for creating the desired effects.

  1. Build up the theme with bricks – One of the unique features of the industrial décor is exposed brickwork. This style will surely bring in high scores when it comes to authenticity, especially when converting it into a focal centrepiece around a fireplace or kitchen. You can even create a stylish feature wall for the home as well. 

Last but not least, to complete the look, you should choose the right furniture. Experts in industrial interiors suggest you should blend in the old and the new. Some great ideas would be to include pendant fixtures used in industrial spaces and steel lampshades. They stand out well and give your family home a unique look with success!