Like it or not, your ID card is one of the essential tools you have as a business owner. In fact, without it, many of the people you work with would be unable to access your private property. It’s also an integral part of any safety protocol at your company – making sure everyone has their ID at all times ensures they can be quickly identified in the event of an emergency.

With this importance in mind, it’s no surprise that cards get swiped or otherwise stolen all too often. This is why it’s vital to use a high-quality ID card holder case to protect your business’s most important asset from potential damage.

How Do ID Card Holders Work?

ID card holders come in several different styles, but they’re usually made with hard plastic or vinyl. The latter is typically favored since it’s more flexible and less likely to crack when bent open and closed (although it does scratch more quickly).

They feature a clear area where the ID hangs over the bottom flap, and the top section contains an area for any extra cards you might have in your wallet. The top flap can be secured with a small snap or similar closure, while the bottom has an adhesive strip that attaches to the back of your phone when not in use.

What Protections Should You Look For?

There are different ways to protect your cards when using an ID badge holder, and it’s up to you which ones you want in place:

Anti-scratch: Although vinyl is more resistant to scratching than hard plastic, any cardholder will become scratched up if you carry it in your back pocket and sit down on a rough surface. A cardholder with an anti-scratch coating will help prevent this damage from taking place.

RFID Blocking: This material helps protect you from electronic pick-pocketing, but it’s only applicable if the person trying to get your information has a reader. Otherwise, they can’t get to your data. This is part of how you can protect yourself from having your card skimmed by someone without physical access to it.

Waterproof: If someone spills their drink on you while out at a restaurant or spills coffee on the break room table, having your cardholder be waterproof will keep it safe from damage. This feature is also helpful if you leave your ID in your car or another area that’s exposed to rain or snow.

Holds Multiple Cards: If you only have one card, this feature won’t matter much. However, having a case that holds more than one is essential for those who take advantage of multi-card benefits (such as getting rewards from multiple stores).

Add-On Features: Although not required, some cases come with features like belt loops or carabiners that make it easy to clip to your belt loop or keychain.

But what makes a good ID badge holder? There are a few key factors you’ll want to consider when making your purchase.


Your cardholder should be very durable if it’s going to protect your cards from damage adequately. After all, you don’t want something that will rip or tear during everyday use! Look for solid stitching and double stitching in high-stress areas such as the bottom and arm straps.

Also, make sure you choose a product made from durable materials such as nylon, which is resistant to water and other liquids.


The size of your cardholder will depend on how many ID cards you generally need to carry at once. A larger holder may be the best option if you frequently need to bring multiple cards – such as your company ID and your driver’s license – with you. If you primarily use one or two IDs at a time, look for something smaller and lightweight.


Your cardholder should not only keep your cards safe but also reflect your company’s brand. Make sure you choose a design that matches the rest of your business supplies.


Consider the color of your cardholder in addition to its other features! Most options are black, brown, or dark blue; however, there are plenty of other colors available if you want something that stands out.

Price Tag

Some ID card holders can be pricey; make sure the one you choose is within your budget. However, don’t skimp too much – if a product feels cheap or doesn’t come with a warranty, it’s not going to last as long as an option that costs more.

With these six factors in mind, you’re ready to start shopping for the correct ID holder. You can find various options that come with RFID blocking material, waterproof covers, belt loops and carabiners, multiple slots for cards, and many other features.