Cryptocurrency is the craze. People around the world are looking for the right price point to buy into crypto. If you aren’t already a crypto trader, it might feel like a daunting task to adjust some of your gross income into that market. There’s good news, however. There’s a niche that gamers are using to access virtual currency. And it’s one they use every day. Here’s how your gaming laptop can help you make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies more accessible.

The Gaming Rig


It’s a commonplace for a home to have several computers under its roof. A MacBook Pro, Dell, or other CPU for each person in the house isn’t unheard of. But there are a few of you out there that aren’t satisfied with the run-of-the-mill specs offered by just any computer. No, it would help if you had a powerful gaming laptop with an i9 intel core processor, 4k quality graphics card, and all of the powerful components to run your gaming machine at the maximum settings.

You need the best laptop for gaming. Brands like Alienware, Asus, and MSI come to mind. With an unparalleled frame rate, a minimum of 16GB of ram, and a hard drive that can store all of your favorite games, you can run all of the latest software seamlessly. Looking for a great gaming laptop? Checkout HotSpawn. These powerful specs also bring Bitcoin and the crypto world within your reach.

A Brief Crypto Rundown

Before the link between your best gaming laptop and cryptocurrency is bridged, let’s take a look at some things to remember when you start making money in crypto trades. If cryptocurrency is anything, it isn’t straightforward. It’s not exactly like ordinary income. Crypto tax is different than others. It’s wise to seek help from a website or a Bitcoin tax calculator when working on your finances. They’ll be able to identify what’s considered a taxable event, give a better rundown of your crypto gains, and help you identify your tax filing status. There are nuances to cryptocurrency and crypto tax you most likely don’t know. Use a tax calculator and a valued site to help you reach your long-term goals with crypto.

Blending the Best Laptop and Bitcoin


An aspect of cryptocurrency that few people know about is GPU mining. Blockchain is built on electronic transactions that happen simultaneously across several systems to verify a currency. This is considered “mining” in cryptocurrency. Digital coins are configured on a blockchain that works with their proof-of-work (PoW) mining. For GPU mining, the process relies on a computer’s graphics card.

Enter your premium gaming laptop and high-resolution gaming card. Mining involves getting a client working on your PC. This was typically through the Linux operating system. Not all gamers were savvy with that operating system. Luckily, some software is currently available that allows you to use Windows rather than Linux.

The software now streamlines the process for you. There’s no learning curve to the Linux system and the commands needed to operate it. After a quick install and a few settings to fill out, and you’ll have your GPU working and data mining in no time. You can even set up a configuration to mine directly to a premade Bitcoin wallet.

You can do all of this while your notebook is idle. That means you won’t be reducing the hours of battery life while you are gaming, nor will the GPU system slow down your game performance. You need to input the specifics into your GPU software and allow your gaming computer to help you break into the world of Bitcoin automatically. Who knew gaming and your financial interest went hand-in-hand?