When I first created my Hotmail account, it took me a while to understand where I could create it. Though many people use Hotmail due to its popular email services, features and experience, some people might find it confusing initially, mainly during the setup process. If you are one among them, this blog is for you. Spending 3 mins to understand the steps before creating it can save a lot of your time when you are doing it. In this blog, I will explain the Hotmail account setup and hotmail.com login process. 

How to set up a Hot mail Account

As Microsoft has acquired Hotmail, now, you no longer can create a new Hotmail account as it is now revamped and named Outlook, but you can get the same experience with Microsoft Outlook. You can set up your Hotmail/ Outlook account by following this step wise process.

  • Open your browser, go to Microsoft outlook website www.outlook.com/ and click on create an account on the top-right corner of the page.
  • You can now see a text field where you can enter your preferred email id and select either of the domains @hotmail.com or @outlook.com from the available dropdown, beside the new email you entered.
  • Below the email, you can see one more text field asking you to create a password for your account. Make sure your password contains the required characters. Even if you don’t use it will show you a pop-up showing the requirements. Follow those and create a password.
  • Below the password text field, you will find a check box that says, “Send me promotional emails for Microsoft.” You can keep it or uncheck it if you don’t want to receive any promotional content from Microsoft and select Next.
  • Now, it asks you for your information like First name and last name. Enter the details in the respective text fields and click on Next
  • Now, select your country from the dropdown list, enter your Birthday below it ( click on the respective boxes that say mm/dd/yy and fill accordingly), and click on Next.
  • For security reasons, now it will ask you to enter your contact number, add the country code, add your phone number, and click on “send code”.
  • Enter the verification code that you receive and after clicking on Next, enter the captcha and select Next. 
  • You can now open your new Hotmail account, and it will take you to the tutorial about its features and usage.

Hotmail login process

  • Go to the Outlook sign-in page and click on Hotmail.com login
  • Enter your phone number (if you have registered it during the account setup process) or email id and click next
  • Enter your password and click on sign in


Setting up your Hotmail account is very easy, as mentioned in the blog. Remember to save your updated passwords and check the box below the password text field that says “Keep me signed in” during login. By doing this, you need not enter your credentials every time you log in. In case you forgot your Hotmail password, here is how you can recover it. I hope you found this information regarding the Hotmail sign-in and login process useful.