Have you ever just been in a position where you need cash quickly and badly?

The pandemic has caused an unprecedented economic crisis, and 25% of all US adults reportedly experience difficulty in paying their bills.

If you have, it’s easy to fall into despair, but there’s a way for you to stay positive. More often than not, a lot of the things in our houses are great to sell when you need quick cash.

Here is a list of what to sell when you really need the dough.

Used Books

If you don’t know what to sell, look into your cupboards, and you may find lots of books you don’t even touch anymore. Gather all the dusty college textbooks, fiction novels, and dictionaries, and try to sell them online. Up-to-date college textbooks can give you a fortune, so make sure to do it as quickly as possible!

There are tons of online book sites for you to sell secondhand books. Another method is to approach people at your school and ask them if they know anyone who needs the book.

Junk Cars

That’s right, that old, rusty automobile you have is worth something—sometimes a lot more than you think. This is because their spare parts can be recycled or sold off to make newer versions. You can approach local garages or go online to find companies that will give you cash for junk cars.

This is usually a very quick way of earning more cash because cars are in general quite expensive, even when they aren’t squeaky new.


It may pain you to sell off some of your beautiful pieces of furniture, but this is one of the easiest ways to make more cash. Everyone needs furniture, and people are usually accepting of tables and chairs that may look a little banged up but still function the way they should.

You can approach a pawn shop and sell it off there, or even go to online marketplaces and offer reduced prices, including Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.


Do you have clothes that still look good, even if they’re a little old? Or perhaps, you have a mountain of clothes that no longer fit you. If so, you can always go to a thrift shop and or sell your clothes online.

Lots of people create social media accounts and sell off their clothes through these platforms. There is no limit of opportunities when it comes to selling clothes, and if the design is generally likable, your clothes are likely to sell off quite quickly.

What to Sell for Quick Cash

You may be in a situation where you truly need some money and quickly, and it’s easy to feel a little lost.

However, there are tons of opportunities to find out what to sell when you are really desperate. This includes everyday items such as clothing, cars, and books. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter whether your goods are still in good condition or not!

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