Chennai Super Kings (CSK), with three victorious titles of the Indian Premier League (IPL), are currently the only side to follow Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indians in terms of a command. In the 2020 season of the money surplus league, they will be looking to hunt their fourth title to equal MI but it seems like destiny is too hard on them.

After the two senior players, Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh, of the Yellow Army have departed back to their home-yards, the side might be troubled to find the electrifying alternates. The duo was experienced in all departments on the ground. The sensational batting by Raina and power-hitting in the end by Harbhajan along with his veteran spin tactics will be missed most by the side.

The side was dominant and was just a title away from Sharma’s army. Despite all that, their skipper, MS Dhoni has not subjected himself to disappointment that was astonishing for the masses on observing. The captain cool tricks to command his men are always exceptional – the chill the skipper will be, satisfied the players will be.

Here is why CSK have the lesser chances of winning the IPL 2020

The side has clinched for the best possible alternates to fulfill the experienced vacancies but none of them will be of the duo’s match. There could be more possible reasons for them to smack themselves. In case, if the disruptions occur for them, Live Cricket Scores will be posting the IPL scores for all eight franchises.

Usually, a team’s consistency highly depends upon the mixture and momentum uphold by the senior and juniors. CSK, known as Dad’s army because of the vast availability of the senior players, lacks the youngsters. Youngsters are familiar with their energy and aggressiveness and with Dhoni’s men lacking it, an ex-Indian cricketer, Sunil Gavaskar believes that it would be hard for them to have an upper hand.

“CSK has always been termed as the Dad’s Army because of the number of senior players that they have in the team. If you see their age, they are quite senior. And I have always said that if you have a good mixture of youth and experience, then the team becomes a strong team,” Sunil Gavaskar told Sports Tak.

“But do they have the young players whose energy lifts the whole team? This is a big question. And that is why I think that CSK will face difficulties in winning IPL 2020,” he further added.

“If we look at CSK’s team, then firstly, they were struck with two big blows in the form of Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh pulling out of the tournament. It means that two legends and experienced players are not a part of their team. So it will be very difficult for anyone to take their place. But again this is an opportunity for a youngster to grab with both hands,” Sunil Gavaskar said.

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