If you are looking for an attendance app for your online selling business, then the Hajri book app can prove to be essential for employers, employees, and business persons. It helps keep track of employee shifts, attend, and keeping the workflow. People have to work outside the office due to the flexibility of jobs in various situations. So, to keep track of time spent on the activities and tasks done away from the office, the Hajri book tracker app comes in aid.

This online selling business app is useful for everybody like shop owners, Factory owners, School teachers, Colleges, Company owners, PG owners, organizations, coaching institutes, small enterprises, and medium enterprises.

Key features of Hajri book app:

  1. Fast and easy registration and login.
  2. Easy and reliable User interface.
  3. It generates the code with the generator, or you can decide the code yourself also.
  4. It adds the attendance of the employees and updates it automatically.
  5. You can set notifications to get notified according to your schedules. You can also plan and view your schedules easily.
  6. Attendance of the employees can be done using a single switch instead of using a button.
  7. Maintenance of Time and Place accuracy of attendance to record correct time of attendance.
  8. Through a Custom calendar, the owner can easily see the attendance.
  9. You can update your passwords and logs.
  10. Reports of the attendance can be downloaded by the owner directly from the app.
  11. You can download reports in Excel or PDF format.
  12. Attendance and company code is shareable among other users making it a user-friendly app.
  13. Owners can give codes to their employees to register themselves on the app using the code provided.
  14. Any change in the attendance address of the location of any employee will be updated automatically in the app, and it will be visible to the owner and the employee.
  15. Employees can also see their previous attendance in the app in the logs section.
  16. This app enables the owners to see the attendance of their employees with their addresses.
  17. Monthly attendance of the employees can be downloaded by the owner from the app or using the website.
  18. App help is provided to resolve any queries of the user.
  19. This app supports both IOS and android.
  20. Push notifications for reminders.

Why should you use the Hajri book online selling business app?

Following are the reasons provided below on why you should use the app:

  1. You can click the receipt photos from your phone app to record all the expenses. In this way, you can keep all your records organized.
  2. The app enables you to record expenses directly from the phone and enables you to view open and closed invoices, and allow you to send the existing drafts.
  3. Stress-free attendance.
  4. You can track time online as well as in offline mode.
  5. Neat, clean and easy user-friendly interface.
  6. Submit expenses for client projects.
  7. You can track your team’s location when at work using the GPS feature it provides ( applicable only for android users ).
  8. The app is entirely free to use, which helps users to track time and attendance.
  9. You can check your employee’s progress and give credit points directly from the app.