Choosing a programming language for your app development is as important as choosing the most competent Mobile App Maintenance Services. Developers have the option to choose from a very wide array of programming languages that are viable for both front-end and back-end developments. While some companies Hire React Native Developers for their app development projects, some prefer exploring other options in frameworks.

There are many open-sources frameworks that are efficient in their own way. For instance React or Monaca. If you want your app developed properly, you can Hire React Native Developers and start customizing it. But let us now talk about two of the most prominent and evolving programming languages in demand right now which are Golang and Nodejs. They are currently on the way to dominating the back-end programming language market. Before comparing the efficiency of these two programming languages, let us know a bit more about them.

What is Golang?

Golang, popularly known as Go, is an open-source and multi-purpose programming language that was created by Google back in 2009. It is a compiled and statically typed programming language that was designed and developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson.

Syntactically, this programming language is very similar to C. But it has way more memory safety, structural typing, as well as garbage collection. Initially, the compiler of Go was written in C. But it is now written in Go as well, and thus, the language keeps itself self-hosted.

What is Node js?

Node js is an open-source server environment that runs on JavaScript. It is written in C, C++, and JavaScript. It was released 11 years ago in 2009. This language is compatible with almost all operating systems such as Linux, z/OS, macOS, OpenBSD, SmartOS, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, and IBM AIX.

Because of its single-threaded nature, Node js programming language is essentially used for event-driven and non-blocking servers. Although the language was developed with real-time and push-based architecture in mind, it is generally used for back-end API or application programming interface services and traditional websites.

Node js Vs. Golang

Now that we know about each of the programming languages, it is time to consider their characteristics and compare them.

1) Scalability

If you Hire Golang Developers for your app development, you will find that Golang is perfect for scalability. The language’s function goroutines make the execution of threads much easier, smoother, and reliable.

Node js, on the other hand, is single-threaded. Hence, the execution of instructions is performed in sequences. This makes the language slow and inefficient in concurrency support.

2) Maturity

Both Node js and Golang were developed in 2009. They are both considered as a mature and robust programming language for app development.

3) Error Handling

Go ensures that the written code has consistency and a perfect result. But, to do so, Go demands you to implement precise checking for any error in the code. If you hire Mobile App Maintenance Services for your app development, you will find out how Node js is much different than Go.

Although the error-handling aspect of Node js is quite inconsistent at times, it provides far clearer and even better error handling than Go. Node js uses the traditional throw-catch error- handling technique that is very common to several app developers. With this method, developers get to know about all the errors while writing the code and not after. This method thus helps them solve intricate problems before performing any further operation.

4) Availability of Developers

Although Golang is a relatively new open source programming language, it is preferred by developers because of its light weight and easy to use nature. If you want your app to be developed via Golang,  Hire Golang Developers.

On the other hand, Node js is written in JavaScript which has been popular with developers for quite some time. Although it is easy to use, Golang has much more efficiency and a higher productivity rate with its reusable components and faster execution.

5) Performance

Google developed Go as a very light-weighted framework to provide higher performance and faster coding. While Node js is based on JavaScript and hence much slower in the execution department.

It is evident that both of these programming languages are growing and winning over developers from all around. While Node js is a trusty JavaScript based framework, Golang brings new opportunities to the developers in the form of clarity and its ease-of-use that other programming languages clearly lack. Golang is excellent in handling concurrency, which is the ability to run simultaneous programs, as well as in high garbage collectivity.