Vintage is a timeless fashion trend to show off a “worldly” attitude simply by wearing certain types of clothes in a certain way. Vintage can never go out of style since it is a reflection of time passed. That is the appeal of it. However, you can add another element to your vintage look while still keeping in the timeless trend of it. A 90s look that can still look modern while giving off the era of vintage. Grunge is the element that in itself is a vintage look with a more modern appeal.

What Is Grunge Fashion?
Simply put, grunge fashion is a thrift-store inspired style wear the silhouette is not emphasized. It was made popular with rock bands such as Pearl Jam and often gives the idea of a “rebel”.

It is a style that is fairly easy to do and maintain. This is because it is all about being relaxed, in casual clothing. However, world-fashion designers such as the likes of Marc Jacobs took an interest in it. He brought this style to the runway while keeping true to it.

Since then, and around 2013, it has made a come-back with the aid of Dries Van Noten and Yves Saint Laurent. They attempted to bring the look back onto the runway. The former went for the more mature and formal route while the latter was more streetwear and youthful. Both interpretations fitted in their ideas of grunge fashion. Plus, both of the collections were ready-to-wear as that is the main and most popular appeal of grunge.

Plus, you may not have to go out shopping to go grunge. You can use what you have and stylize it in such a way that it looks how you want it to without draining your pocket. And you would feel comfortable in your old clothes with a new look.

Does It Have To Be “Silhouette-Less”?
While old-school, classic grunge is known to somewhat hide the body due to its lack of a silhouette, this does no longer need to be the case. There are items like grunge American flag leggings where it still gives off the era of vintage grunge while functioning as leggings. Grunge is a style often linked to comfort, as is its purpose.

However, some people’s idea of comfort can be different from the 90s era where baggy was in. Some people prefer more fitting wear to feel good, look good, and do the tasks that they like to do like exercise regarding the use of legging. The point of grunge is to be comfortable. Leggings still keep the aesthetic of it while offering another interpretation of comfort.

Final Thoughts
Grunge is vintage, vintage is timeless, and therefore grunge is timeless. Finding a style that you like in a look that suits you can be tricky but with so many great designs, movements, and trends from the past coming back around you may be inspired to rework your closet or to re-purpose what you already have.