The world doesn’t stop changing, even though it might’ve looked that way in 2020, and even now. The stock market never stopped. Trading, in general, continued to grow and evolve with the world. A mirror to the global economy and potentially what is to come, the stock market has become a place of interest for virtually everyone in 2020 – from young adults to older people. It became apparent trading is a form of investing, and it can bring you good stuff if you are ready to learn and commit to it.

If you look at it better, it ultimately makes sense there are so many podcasts, videos and honest advice about starting your trading journey. We are evolving financially and technologically – the pandemic sped up the process. Instead, we realized how much we rely on technology thanks to the pandemic. It might sound unusual, but it is simple; we had to find ways to make everything work, continue our lives and keep contact with friends. We had to maintain our job by switching to online platforms even if we worked from the office. If you got laid off, you might’ve found a position on the internet, and you work from home now. Here, we will fill you in on global stocks that shaped the economy in 2020.

We will present an outlook on the most essential 2020 stocks, so even if you don’t know much about trading, you can realize what impact on the economy they have had. You might become interested in learning more and become trading yourself this year, because now is the best time, always.Global stocks are divided into three types. Traders have three types of factors that can spark their interest in a specific stock: value, momentum and growth investing. We will mention stocks that grew the most in 2020 and will probably continue to do so in 2021, as the ones who are set to thrive in 2021 thanks to their excellent base in 2020. This is a brief yet concise article on that matter so pay attention!

Zoom Inc. and

It would be weird not to mention Zoom inc, first. Zoom has the fastest-growing stocks and most traded shares, since the beginning of the pandemic. It is no wonder since video and communication had to be on a whole other level. People didn’t and still don’t have another way to contact and see their family over video in real-time that is more convenient than what Zoom offers. Zoom became a place for online meetings, conferences, and courses. It can be merely another way of exercising together with your friends, even though you can’t do it in the same space. Whatever the case is for you, the Zoom net income got 355% higher than it was, and it continues to grow.

Salesforce, on the other hand, became the most wanted cloud-based company. Why? Because they are software that offers CRM programs which are highly wanted within companies that serve many clients. It means they need an efficient and fast program that will let them “sort out” clients and input their data, having them in one place. Salesforce has over 150 thousand clients and is growing.

Brookfield Property Reit and NRG Energy Inc.

Another two companies that had an excellent performance on the market in 2020. Brookfield Property Reit is a company dealing with real estate, and experts expect it to grow on the market with 12-15% of equity.  NRG Energy deals with electricity and has around 3.7 million loyal customers, and the price is already going over the roof since they made a deal with Direct Energy.

The most influential ones

2020 wouldn’t be the year it was if we didn’t mention SpaceX, Tesla and Amazon. Jeff Bezos’ Amazon rose to its most prominent heights, and its market capitalization stands at 1.5 trillion dollars. Of course, Apple (we use Apple store so much, together with apple products) with a $2 trillion market cap. Behind them is Microsoft at $1.6 trillion, and Google is at $1.1 trillion. These were stocks that indicated the highest prices last year.

In conclusion

Seeing the most influential stocks that hit the market cap clearly shows how much we relied on technology for the past year and how it made us adapt to these unusual times we live in. The future will show what else global stocks have to offer and towards which way the world, together with the market, will navigate.