This new Plantronics CA12CD-S push-to-talk connector, prepared with a 6-wire headset connector, and simple support link to the PJ-7, will give you remotely, encoded correspondence with the capacity of cordless PTT, which is key in radio/911 dispatch regulator conditions.

UPCs and DECT renditions give secure correspondences. More than 50 models accessible with different connector choices. Interfaces with H-Type headsets with 4 pins Quick Disconnect.

The Plantronics CA12CD-S is an immediate substitution of the ended CA12CD PTT Wireless Adapter. Contrasts between the two models are everything except nonexistent, all highlights between the two are generally indistinguishable, other than the producer’s new chipset. The CA12CD Remote is the solitary gadget from the more seasoned model that can’t be utilized with the CA12CD-S.

Plantronics Corded H-arrangement Headsets like the one presented above (Plantronics HW520), which closes in a Quick Disconnect (QD) module, cuts into the coordinating link on the PTT Remote Unit. All Plantronics H-Series Headsets are viable on this route with the PTT connector.

Additionally accessible for the CA12CD-S is a USB Adapter. This link would supplant the Console Interface Cable (two-prong plug/connector) and permit the framework to plug into your PC. This is essential in case you’re utilizing any uncommon Softphone programs you may have.

The CA12CD is a cordless PTT (push-to-talk) headset connector intended to give encoded correspondences and PTT usefulness for applications, for example, Public Safety Dispatch and Air Traffic Control. The CA12CD utilizes computerized handling (DECT standard) and works in the UPCS band (1.92 – 1.93 GHz) in North America. The renditions for Europe work inside the DECT (1.88 – 1.90 GHz) recurrence range. It includes a Plantronics QD (Quick Disconnect) and is viable with all “H” arrangement headsets (Various connector types and wiring alternatives are accessible upon demand).

The Plantronics CA12CD-S is energetically prescribed to appreciate the remote opportunity and viability with any Discover D700 arrangement headset.

Numerous conditions additionally have a portable, far off, work area set and base station two-way radios, which require a custom headset interface. This kind of framework will require a custom interface that is unique in relation to the standard dispatch comfort.

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