The Christmas season is a time for people to spend in the company with those they love. Even the busiest workaholics take time away from their job to spend with family, friends, and others they care about.

If you’ve got an investment property that you need to manage or empty units that require tenants, you’ll either have to sacrifice free time around the holidays or take a financial hit. If this is you, fear not: there are professional management services for landlords that will ease your mind and let you have the time off you deserve.

Here is how their services work.

Tenant Selection Process

Finding the right person to live in your investment property can take time. People who have done it before can do it quicker and better.

A professional management services company will handle all the processes involved in finding a tenant who is the right fit, including:

  • Employment letters
  • Credit bureau report and credit check
  • Reference check
  • Tenant applications

These steps may involve hounding people over the phone, browsing through long documents, and other processes that are important but time-consuming. If you want them done properly without spending your Christmas holiday doing it, get professional help.

Help at Any Time

Having the help of a professional management company means your tenants have someone else they can call if something goes wrong in the unit and needs to be fixed. Having this type of support will give you back your weekends and evenings, but it’s especially important during Christmas!

You don’t want to hear about a leak in the basement when you’re sitting around the table with your family eating turkey.

Tenant Relations

Once the management service has found you the right tenant, they’ll help you keep them happy for as long as they’re in the unit. Various services from collecting payments, managing and fulfilling maintenance requests, and others are prompt and courteous.

You want people to be genuinely happy with their living arrangement for its own sake and because satisfied tenants resign their leases year after year.

Marketing Services

Finally, the best professional investment property management services will use their connections to maximize your listing’s visibility. They’ll handle everything from photography, crafting the advertisement, and placing it in prominent magazines like Toronto Life.

Professional marketing also lets you take advantage of their own website and social media accounts, so you can find you a tenant more likely to respect the unit and pay their bills on time and without hassles. Such turnkey solutions let landlords sit back and know that their property and all the services associated with it are in good hands.

The Christmas holidays are supposed to be a time for reflection, joy, old traditions with family and friends, and making new invaluable memories. Don’t neglect your investment property or let it consume your time this holiday — find the local professional management services company near you to handle all your concerns and those of your tenant so that everyone can enjoy a Merry Christmas.