The religious factor or norms plays an important role during funerals.  More importantly, family, relatives, and friends of dead one wanted to have a funeral according to their religion or religion of the dead one, so they look for such funeral services vendor, which arranges the proper services according to their religion. And if you living in a heterogeneous society like Singapore, where people belong to different religions are living together, finding such a service provider is quite difficult.

If you are talking about the society or culture of Singapore, most of them do not know what to do when someone died in the family. Even if someone knows what to do, they perhaps do not want to be the one doing it in the time of paid and grief. So, that’s the time where the funeral home comes in.  For all of them, Funeral Services Singapore is among the topmost and trusted funeral services providers. Regardless of the time, whether it is a day or night, Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore will be there to manage the rest of the process with you.

Funeral Services Singapore and Funeral Packages

Living in Singapore is very expensive, as everybody knows it, so is death. But if you are looking for such funeral services provider who is experienced, trusted, and providing the services at reasonable prices. Thus, there is no name like Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore.

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All You Need to Know About Funeral Services

If you are living in Singapore, and you wanted to know if someone passed away in your family what you have to do, here is the complete guide for you. This will give you complete information about funeral service in Singapore, as well as how to give your loved one the final send-off they deserve without incurring too much financial burden in the process.

Death Registration

The main thing you ought to do is to enlist the demise, to get a testament of the reason for death.

This is a significant record that will be required during the burial service, yet in addition for activities, for example, shutting financial balances, asserting protection, moving utility accounts, and so forth

Certificate of Death

On the off chance that your loved one died in the hospital, the Certificate of the reason for death will be given at no charge. Be that as it may, if, he died at home and died there, you’ll need to draw in a specialist to ensure the passing, and need a death certificate and it has a fee as well.


In case of natural death, there will be no autopsy.  But if it is not the case, there will be a post-mortem examination might be requested under the Coroner’s Act, to know the death reason.

Funeral Service

Then there is holding of a funeral service, for family, friends, members, companions, and colleagues to offer their final journey. There are essentially two fundamental variables here that will decide your absolute expense: the sort and term of the assistance, just as the decision of coffin utilized.

Memorial Service

Usually, memorial service lasts for three days, although you can select to hold a wake for quite a few days you wish.  Other than the length, the kind of memorial service will likewise decide the expense of the assistance. Buddhist and Taoist burial services can be more intricate and thus, more costly, while Catholic and Christian administrations will in general be less complex issues (and correspondingly less expensive).


While coffins are normally remembered for the dedication bundles, you can make elective determinations and change the general expense of the memorial service. Coffins made of lightwoods (like pine, or wood facade) are the more reasonable choice, costing a few hundred to 1,000 dollars. They are strong and practical, yet may not be the most intricate or lavish.


Under Singapore’s laws, there is a charge that must be paid by everybody. For certain religions, the charge isn’t pricey but for some others, the Government expense is almost $1000. In addition, just sepulcher or land entombments permit the protection of the total body. Any remaining sorts of internments will need earlier incineration.


There are not many spots in Singapore that are permitted to perform incinerations. Incinerations at government-run crematoria are less expensive ($100), while private crematoria charge three or multiple times more. In the event that the dead one wished to have stays dispersed adrift, a different ocean internment should be reserved.

Remembering the Dead One

On the off chance that transforming your grandpa into a tree is excessively “reformist” for your family to acknowledge, there are a few more worthy ways you can recollect the withdrew, from conventional columbariums to eulogies, and in any event, transforming them into individual gem specialist.


In case no one is enthused about keeping the cinders of their dead family members at home (and dissipating them into the ocean or planting them into a tree isn’t a choice), the following best thing is buy a specialty at a columbarium to store the urn containing the remains.


It is standard to distribute a tribute for the perished. This is viewed as a last venture of regard, and furthermore assists with illuminating repelled family members or gatherings not welcome to the commemoration administration, assisting with shutting the circle.


Drawing up a will is no straightforward undertaking (no, you can’t write a hurried “screw you” to your most un-most loved kid on a napkin and tap out), and it is prescribed that you connect with a legal advisor to assist you with making one that is unambiguous and would face legitimate difficulties.

Power of Attorney

An enduring force of lawyer is a lawful game plan that permits a confided in individual to follow up for the benefit of the appointer, particularly when the last has lost the ability to settle on objective choices. This is imperative to forestall outside powers from mishandling resources or making treacherous moves.


All in all, the funeral services in Singapore is quite expensive and a length procedure. So, in order to have a proper and religious burial you need to hire the funeral services.  So, for funeral services Singapore and reasonable funeral packages, Ang Brothers Funeral Services is the trusted name. They are one of Singapore’s leading Funeral Services Singapore providers. As a trusted funeral service provider, they are committed to assisting bereaved families through this difficult time of grief.