The bedroom is an important part of your home. It can determine how well you sleep, how happily you wake up in the morning, and even how productive you’ll be. It’s the main area of your house that makes you feel like you can completely shut off the outside world and be yourself. That’s why this room should feel as personal and comfortable as possible. On that note, we are here to help you achieve a personalized bedroom from bedding to furniture. So, let’s get right to it!

Stick to a Theme

Before putting up any decorations or buying furniture, decide on what kind of ambiance you’re going for. You want your bedroom to be inviting and feel relaxing. You want to be able to step into the room and immediately feel a sense of peace and serenity. Will a splash of nature be the theme that motivates you to wake up and have a great day? Or would bold colors and abstract artwork suit your personality? Either way, the theme can be whatever you want as long as it feels homely and stays uniform throughout the space.

Match the Furniture

Of course, you can go for an eclectic look with some mismatched furniture if you’re going for a retro theme. However, unless you’re a skilled designer, this look can easily go south and look cluttered. You want to make sure that even if the furniture doesn’t match in terms of material, they still complement each other. Your bed, dresser, side tables, closet, and shelves need to match to a certain extent to allow the room to come together nicely.

Choose a Color Palette and Wall Treatments

The color palette of the room is typically what determines whether a person feels at home in a room or out of their element when they walk in. That’s why you need to consider what colors and wall patterns would appeal to you. It will be quite difficult to fall asleep or enjoy leisure time in a room with an unappealing view distracting you. So, consider wall treatments that would enhance the overall appearance and make sure that the color palette you choose is personalized. Perhaps you want soothing, soft, neutral tones to characterize the room or maybe you want to jazz it up with one signature color that means something to you.

Add Extra Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of a room to consider because this can truly change the atmosphere in a room – just take a look at the impact lighting has on a photo. The right lighting transforms a room, so take the time to look at what type of bulbs you want as well as add extra light shades here and there. If you have a dresser, you’ll definitely want a lamp there; you may also want to add a reading lamp by the bed.

Include Decorative and Comfortable Bedding

The bed is the most crucial part of the room. It’s the first thing your eyes set on and an uninviting bed throws the whole room off. Make sure you take the time to find the ultimate mattress – this is where you should splurge. Moreover, the bedding has to match the colors that your dream room embodies otherwise it’ll deter you from achieving the look you want. A great way to ensure you love your room is to prioritize the bed by making it as personalized as possible. That’s why the folks at VisionBedding explain that a unique way to personalize your bedroom is to decorate it with customized bedding like personalized duvets, comforters, and pillows. Your bedroom will not only exude originality, but it will resemble you and what you love, making your bedroom feel comfortable, cozy, and warm.

Add Extra Floating Shelves

One of the main reasons for feeling uncomfortable in your own home is a lack of storage space. Studies show that clutter can have a negative effect on our state of mind which is why, to personalize your bedroom, you should make sure there’s space for all your clothing, gadgets, and gizmos. Customize your storage space by adding some sleek and modern floating shelves. This will give you plenty of room for all your knick-knacks, and it just happens to make the interior look incredible.

Include an Ottoman and Throw Pillows

There’s something to be said about decorative pieces. Accessories are truly what personalizes a look. Adding little touches will make your bedroom uniquely yours. An ottoman by the window is a fabulous way to make your room cozy and section off a seating area in the room. Moreover, throw pillows are the ultimate decorative items that spruce up a plain, impersonal, and mundane interior.

Include Your Favorite Plants and Scent

They say our memory is linked to smell, so if you truly want to create a homely and personalized bedroom, you need to include a scent that resonates with you. You can do this by adding some greenery for that fresh scent and including candles or your favorite scented incense.

Put Your Photos on Display

This one is a no-brainer. Want to feel at home every time you walk into your room? Well, then make it look like you and your wonderful life. Display photos of your loved ones and pictures of fond memories and adventures. Being able to see the faces of family and friends, and great milestones of your life will surely make the room that much warmer.

Hang Up Artwork

The trick to personalizing a room is letting your creativity shine. Hanging up artwork that inspires you is going to ensure your bedroom is a shrine of everything you need to motivate you in your life. It doesn’t have to be specifically artwork; it could be a poster of an idol that inspires you or a quote that changed your life.

Add a Carpet

Last, but definitely not least, don’t underestimate a beautiful rug. Sometimes all you need to customize a room is to make it feel safe and warm and the best way to achieve this design is to add a carpet. There’s just something about being able to sit on your floor, feeling cozy and free that makes you feel that you’re in a completely relaxing environment.

The great thing about bedrooms is that they look best when they’re entirely customized with your signature accessories. So, hang up your favorite quotes on plaques, personalize your pillows, and add all the soothing colors that will make you wake up inspired every day. After all, a good night’s sleep is essential, and you’ll sleep way better in a bedroom that’s tailored to your preferences.