The Alpine country that attracts tourists for skiing and hiking from all over the world is also a haven for healthcare. Switzerland has one of the world’s best healthcare systems in the world. A broad and deep network of hospitals and outpatient clinics, well-qualified medics, paramedics, and nurses make the healthcare system unparalleled. But to access this system, your taxes do not come to any help. You need to take out health insurance from private insurance providers. This arrangement may sound daunting, but it is not in reality. The task is made easy by free online health insurance quotes that you can easily get from insurance providers.

Comparing insurance quotes is the key to getting a landing a good deal. To get online quotes, all you need to do is enter details like your health status, annual income, name of the canton you reside in, employment type, etc. You are free to approach as many health insurance providers and seek quotations. But for this, you must be aware of what to include and exclude in your insurance plan.

Health Insurance System in Switzerland

The health insurance system essentially has two components, basic insurance, and supplementary insurance. Basic insurance is mandatory for all living in Switzerland. It covers you against most medical needs, such as doctor consultations, hospitalization, accidents, maternity care, and more. Citizens, expats, students, short-term residents are all alike when taking out health insurance. All health insurers, by law, cannot refuse to sell basic insurance to you. And interestingly, they are not allowed to make profits by selling basic insurance.

Supplementary insurance, on the other hand, is not mandatory to take out. People with a low health index need more medical care than usual and need supplementary health insurance.

Basic and Supplementary Insurance from the Same Provider?

In most cases, insurers offer good deals and discounts if you ask for a basic and supplementary insurance package. Not only for discounts, but a single insurer also means less paperwork for you. So, combining two insurance makes for a win-win proposition for you.

Ask for Benefits from Higher Deductible

When you seek free online health insurance quotes, remember to explore increasing the deductible portion of the insurance amount. A higher deductible brings the premium amount down. The highest deductible permitted is CHF 2,500, and the lowest and mandatory is CHF 300. People who require higher medical care opt for the lower deductible to maximize the benefit from the insurance. So, when you enter details for online quotes, keep your options open and specify the deductible range to have a broad spectrum of quotations. You can easily go for a health insurance comparison in Switzerland, so do thorough research to see which plan suits you the best. Refer to health insurance comparison website in English and Italian.

Exclude Accident Insurance

It is only self-employed residents of Switzerland who usually include accident cover in their insurance plan. For the rest, their employer provides this protection. The only condition is that the employee must be eight hours or more in a week. By excluding accident cover, you can bring down the cost of your health insurance.

Propose to Pay a Lump Sum Amount

Insurers profit if you pay a lump sum amount. Understandably, they share the benefit with you. See if you can make adjustments with your annual budget and pay a significant portion of the insurance upfront—even 100% is permissible. You can pay even semiannually. Reduce the recurring premium expense this way.

Do You Have EHIC?

EU citizens usually have European Health Insurance Card (EHIC card). If your stay in Switzerland is for less than three months, ask for the best deals on health insurance based on your EHIC. Do remember to furnish this information when getting online quotes.

Though many factors impact the cost of health insurance, you need to map these features to your needs. Let’s see some more of these factors.

Go for Family Insurance

Check with insurers the deal they can offer if you insure your family along with yourself. This strategy is common sense that buying in bulk helps save money. You can consider rearrangements in insurance of your spouse or children to take out a single, family insurance to save money. And if you are expecting a newborn baby, check with the insurer for including the baby as well.

Switch Insurers

September is the time in the year when you hear from your insurer about the premium amount for the coming year. This is also the time for you to seek free online quotes from other insurers and compare for better features and more considerable savings. Health insurance comparison in Switzerland is easy and when comparing the quotes you receive, keep all the factors mentioned above in mind. Employ your comparison and negotiation skills to crack the best deal.

One more aspect can help you reduce the premium amount—your canton! As Switzerland does not have a uniform healthcare system, regulations of the canton for the percentage of discounts on premium apply. Do cash in on this privilege.