Football is definitively the most popular sports discipline in the world. Such an answer would give not only fans or random people on the street, but also it is shown by the official stats. But what makes football so special? Let’s have a look, why football is the most popular sport in the world and why people love it so much.

Football is available to everyone

A ball, some free field, and two goals, not necessarily like on real sports fields – that’s enough to play football. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about it. That is why the availability of football is so wide that practically every person can play it. This sport discipline also has simple, uncomplicated rules. Scoring goals, no fouls, no hand play, corner kicks, throw-in, avoiding offside are all very well-known rules, and compliance with them during the match is not a problem. Sometimes these rules are changed for their own needs, and all in order to have the best fun of playing football. The players themselves work or have worked for the high popularity of football. It is the names such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Robert Lewandowski, or Gareth Bale that make football the most-watched sport. Thanks to them and many other players, we have the opportunity to follow various leagues played around the world. Another important factor includes having access to watching professionals. The easiest way to do it ae matches online or visit the closest stadium.

Football is full of emotions

Football is an extremely exciting team game. Even before the game itself, fans can feel the emotions heated by social media. However, the greatest emotions arise during the match. All kinds of situations, in the form of a goal, foul, wrong referee decisions, unused opportunities cause euphoria among fans and players. Sometimes the emotions that arise during a match are quite the opposite, for example, aggression and anger. It all depends on the course of the match and which team you support. Why is football the most popular sport in the world?

Because it evokes genuine emotions in people. People of all ages – kids, teens, adults, and even seniors – cry over a loss or jump frantically and scream when their team wins. During 90 minutes of a match, it becomes possible to experience so many extreme emotions that even the best Hollywood action movie cannot deliver. It is because of these emotions that people love football. So turn on the TV during the Champions League final, watch the national team during Euro, or just go and watch the game live in the stadium. You will quickly understand that this atmosphere and emotions simply cannot be compared with anything else. There are plenty of sports in the world, and basically, every discipline has its followers. The most popular one, however, is undoubtedly football, which in many countries has even become almost a national religion.

Football unites people

There is something in football that when the national team goes out on the pitch, suddenly the vast majority of people sit in front of the TV and the streets get empty. Or all people go out to watch a match in public and together with other fans feel the emotions. During important tournaments, the group of fans is joined even by people who have not watched even a single match throughout the year. Anyone who has ever been to the stadium during a match knows that these emotions cannot be compared to anything else – shared joy, singing, nervousness. Suddenly, a few or even tens of thousands of people who do not really know each other, and often even speak different languages, feel the same and support their team together.

Anyone can play football

Although today football is associated with millions of transfers, it must be admitted that you do not need much to play. Usually, all you need is a ball, imagination, colleagues, and a piece of free space. So it’s no wonder that children and adults from all over the world love this game. Here the boundaries really disappear, not only the territorial ones but also the social ones. It is enough to look at how many world-class players, for example, Pele, started in poor neighborhoods, where they could not even afford a ball, to fulfill their dream with time. First and foremost, it’s about accessibility. Everyone can play football, regardless of the weather conditions or the wallet. The only thing that limits the players is their imagination. Goals can be made of stones as well as backpacks. You don’t need an original net goal to have fun. Even a bottle filled with sand can be used as a ball. In this case, wanting means being able, and for a wanting person, nothing is difficult.

Football is a real competition

Football has gained a lot of popularity not only because it evokes a lot of emotions among viewers, but also because you can see real competition there. It is visible mainly on the pitch itself during the match. It is then that we can notice the will to play and the willingness to show who is better in a given match. Furthermore, it all comes down to one thing – win the game and get 3 points or proceed to the next stage of a tournament.