Because of the changing seasons in many parts of the country, businesses must adjust their operations to ensure that the safety of their employees and customers is their highest priority. For example, snow, salt, and debris from the outside can enter the building through the shoes of employees and be tracked to other parts of the building. This is especially true in winter. Additionally, during the rainy season, water and pollen can be tracked into a building and cause the floors and office space to become slippery and potentially dangerous.

Installing floor mats in the entranceways of these buildings can mean the difference between an accident waiting to happen and being able to walk freely inside without feeling unsafe.

Depending on the season and the situation, there are various mats available. For example, our company carries a large selection of floor mats suitable for use in all seasons. In many parts of the country, the constant rain showers in the springtime cause the entrance to the business to become flooded and potentially dangerous. Furthermore, because the floors of the business are not protected, they become damaged or appear old.

A scraper mat placed at the entrance to a business will help to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the amount of water that enters the building. These scraper mats will not fade or rot, but will instead provide you with the assurance that your floors will remain dry and safe for anyone entering your establishment. These scraper mats and Waterhog Mats, in addition, are extremely effective at retaining moisture and debris that comes in from the outside.

Trips and falls are to be expected in restaurants where spills are a common occurrence, as well. Waterhog Mats are strategically placed in high-traffic areas where water spills are most likely to occur, allowing businesses to protect their employees from trips and falls, as well as potential serious injury. Customers and visitors will be kept safe from slipping and falling if these floor mats are placed at the main entrance of the business, just like they would be.

There are many businesses besides restaurants that place a high value on the safety of their employees in order to achieve success and increase their bottom line. Workplace injuries are one of the most common reasons for people to be absent from their jobs. Those omitted days become a problem for any company, but they are particularly problematic for those in the manufacturing and retail industries. Slips and falls are one of the most common causes of employee injuries, and many of these injuries could have been avoided if proper precautions had been taken.

Employees at check-out stations spend hours on their feet in retail stores, and the anti-fatigue quality of this floormat will ensure that aches and pains caused by standing for long periods of time do not result in a decrease in productivity on the part of the employees. Most importantly, research on anti-fatigue mats has revealed that employees who stand on their feet for long periods of time each day are less likely to suffer from lower back pain than those who do not. Lastly and most importantly, these floor mats protect them from suffering a more serious injury if they trip or otherwise fall.

At our site, we are dedicated to providing you with a large selection of entryway mats, Waterhog door Mats, Logo Mats, and everything else you need to keep your customers and employees safe in your establishment.