Any type of landscaping or heavy-duty earthmoving will eventually lead to you coming into contact with a large rock. This moment in your project will prove troublesome as even small rocks can weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds. Without some way to break such a rock into smaller pieces, you will be faced with an impenetrable obstacle that can add weeks of time to your project and thousands of dollars if you have to outsource this part of a job to an excavating company. However, with a hydraulic rock breaker, you can make simple work of this type of rock as a rock breaker will do exactly what you think it will.

Specifically, it will use hammering motions on the surface of a rock to initially crack it. As the hammering continues, the rock will eventually break into smaller chunks. Because the hydraulic mechanism serves solely to break rocks or consists of an arm that fits to an excavator, the only real work you have to do is push a button and guide the controls. In effect, the machine is a huge, rock-breaking video game that offers a variety of commercial or residential solutions to common problems whenever you are moving lots of earth.

1. Demolition

If you purchase an old house or a piece of property, you might have to break up an existing foundation. If you are landscaping your property, you might have to break up an existing concrete driveway. In either scenario, a hydraulic rock breaker will make short work of a six-inch or eight-inch slab.

2. Basements

Whenever you are digging the soil to make way for a basement, you are likely going to run into bedrock or boulders. Although an excavator can move the dirt up and out of growing depression, large boulders weigh too much to safely lift. In fact, YouTube is filled with so-called fail videos that show large excavators or cranes lifting more weight than the vehicle can safely manage.

To avoid endangering yourself, you can fit a breaker tip to an excavator. The hydraulic arm can then pummel a rock. The pneumatic pressure of the steel tip will crack the rock, and you can repeat this process until the rocks are small enough to then lift out with the excavator’s shovel.

3. Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the key reasons you will need a rock breaker. Because most landscapers rely on their equipment to bring in an annual salary, it is important to purchase a breaker from a reputable equipment dealer like Source Pro Equipment. Once you have selected your breaker, you will find breaking up rocks with relative precision to be an easy task.

In fact, for landscapers specializing in waterfalls, portions of a large rock might need to remain in place while portions of it must be shaped and removed. A hydraulic rock breaker serves as the only tool available to allow you to shape and remove large rock segments.

4. Ponds

Ponds are not just holes for water. In fact, if you dig a hole wrong, the pond will not even hold water. As such, you need to remove the earth and rocks in a way that allows you to fill holes and crevices through which water can drain. Breaking up and removing a large rock will allow you to then fill the hole with soil and pack it tight.

When it comes to clearing out land for a pond, an additional solution a hydraulic rock breaker will provide is that it can break up stumps, which might litter a large area of an acre or more. Because the rock breaker is made for rocks, it will have no problem sectioning off a rotting stump.

5. Quarry

For professionals wanting the means to create naturally shaped paver stones or sections to be used for walls, a rock breaker can allow you to shape a rock into rough sections. With the rock broken into sections, it can then be polished or broken into even smaller sections. Additionally, a hydraulic rock breaker will allow you to break large rocks into multiple smaller rocks for use as pathways or even to be used as ornamental stones. With a hydraulic rock breaker, you basically have the potential to mine your property and crack the rocks into sizes fit for commercial purposes. Without this tool, the potential for earnings is there, but the ability does not exist to actually profit off the rocks.


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