Using a crypto ATM is an easy way to start using bitcoin

Bitcoin ATMs are an excellent portal to the world of cryptocurrencies as they do not require advanced knowledge and can be used without complicated access procedures. While there are differences in the operation of various devices, in most cases you only need to have a wallet for crypto assets installed on your smartphone and have cash and cards in your pockets. But even this is not always necessary.

To “withdraw” cryptocurrencies from a BATM, you have to enter the destination address and then insert the bills to be converted into digital currency. Once the purchase is complete, a receipt of the transaction can be printed. In the absence of a software wallet, many ATMs can generate a paper wallet.

Some bitcoin ATMs are two-way devices that also allow you to sell cryptocurrencies for cash. A common way to do this is to enter a sum of local currency that you want to withdraw from the ATM, which will print a ticket with a QR code from a public address where the coins need to be sent within a specified period of time. You can scan the code with the mobile wallet and transfer the pre-established number of cryptocurrencies. Then, by scanning the same QR code printed at the ATM, the equivalent will be exchanged in cash.

How to find BATMs near and around the world

The easiest way to locate the closest bitcoin ATM is to use a tracking website. Coinhub is the most popular option as its database contains huge cryptocurrency ATMs around the world. The platform has many useful functions. By Coinhub Bitcoin ATM locator you can limit your search by cryptocurrency, buy and sell availability, and focus on a particular destination including country, city, and location.

The most intuitive way is using the interactive map of Coinhub but there is also a function of “Finding a bitcoin ATM nearby” that provides even more options. It allows you to choose from eight popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin core ( BTC ) and bitcoin cash ( BCH ), and select ATM locations based on their buying and selling functions. You can also use the page to search ATMs by address or allow the tracker to use the user’s current location to ask for suggestions in their area.

CoinHub offers searches by country and by manufacturer. The website gives details about each listed ATM, such as the exact address of the device, instructions on how to get there, hours of work and contact information for its operator. Due to their accessibility and operating costs, bitcoin ATMs generally charge relatively high fees per transaction. With Coinhub this information can be obtained as it was reported by the company. The supported fiat currencies and exchange pairs are also listed.