Do you remember the days, when people used to complain that everything seems to be changing and advancing except education mythologies and institutions; even though they were the ones who taught these smart minds the principles and innovations they implemented.

Well finally, education is changing and the Tech Startups are to be praised for this move in the seemingly right direction.

In the last 10 years, there has been tremendous growth and adoption of technology in the education industry. And it’s not just the usual computers in the classroom mirage; but actual advanced technology, such as big data, AI, machine learning, and the Internet have started transforming various aspects of the school, learning and the industry as a whole.

Although it is safe to assume that this progress profits the students the most, unlike the previous generation of education technology, this time, parents, teachers, and school administrators are not left behind as they are being involved through the technology wave infiltrating the education industry.

As stated above, innovative educational tech startups are responsible for this push. The younger generation who are setting up and running these tech startups are very well aware of the backwardness of technology in the education systems that they had just graduated from.

Hence, they have taken the bull by the horn themselves in their push to eliminate the issues found within the traditional education systems by using technology to renovate the way we learn and teach.

Startups that Are Changing the Game

It is not surprising that the most influential tech startups making waves in education are companies developing systems and apps for fun and interactive learning. And this is not limited to one type of device but includes kids’ and adults’ apps and games that can run on smartphones, tablets, computers, and even directly on the web.

Moreover, some others refused to be left behind. These are startups whose interest is to improve the learning and teaching process through more effective file organization.

This even introduces cloud computing and hosting into the picture, as more and more schools and universities worldwide are adopting platforms and apps on which access is given to teachers and students to store all their files and data in a single location. This allows for much-needed time-savings and organization as files can be easily shared and assignments kept track of.

However, it doesn’t stop there. There are also edutech startups whose focus is to facilitate the school administration process to engage the pupils’ parents through progress tracking so that they can monitor things like test and exam results, class attendance, and even cheating and plagiarism.

Also, some startups are working on programs that facilitate video lectures, virtual classroom and online courses that effectively allow students and teachers to interact as in a normal physical school.

Some teachers are even taking advantage of these edutech startups’ innovations to become students themselves as they opt for online professional short courses in Ghana at DevWorld Tech Academy – DWTA best ict school in Ghana with niit courses, ipmc courses and fees. This decision by the teacher is to equip themselves to remain relevant as everything keeps changing.

Aspects of Edu-Tech Changes to Take Note of As Discussed Above.

The Welcomed Adoption of Better Technology in Education

There is no denying that the education systems worldwide have change forever and more changes are been expected as these startups introducing technology solutions continue to grow and innovate. Below are examples of some of the nature in which tech startups have revolutionized the education industry and mythologies for good.

Goodbye One for All, Welcome Personalized Learning

This has been a major issue that critics of the education system have been protesting and that is, it’s no longer an effective all-for-one learning model. Since our society and economy have advanced past the industrialization era, it has always been agreed that a new teaching method be developed to prepare the youths of today for the jobs of tomorrow.

So, thanks to edu tech startups leading the way by innovations, students are able to now receive a custom-made learning experience that is personalized to fit their skills, talents, and aspirations hence greatly improving their academic results.

Others outside the mainstream education industry wish to offer education materials are also taking advantage of these changes. Take the partnership between DevWorld Tech Academy and, an online meat rabbit market for rabbits for sale, bunnies for sale, and to buy rabbit feed, rabbit cage, rabbit foods, or rabbit meat in Ghana. Through this collaboration, AnimalPetPalace could now offer animal care, health, and breeding online study programs that incorporated automation and IoT. Equipping their students with knowledge and skills for the jobs of tomorrow in a high tech world.

Everywhere is a School, Learning on the go

Before this new tech adoption in the education space, if a student happens to miss a class or happens to be out of town for one reason or the other, then that’s it for as long as they are absent, they are not in school. Now that has changed.

If you are not physically in class then wherever you are, becomes your school; just join the class online. Also, students can now learn the school’s course materials at their own pace whenever they want. Since the files, assignments, courses, tests, news, and grades are hosted online their school’s platform.

Make Your Choice: Learning/Teaching Resources Everywhere

The Internet blessed the world with information. Okay, the information has always been available just not in the same place and with open access as the internet have made it. This means that there also now countless learning and teaching resources for everyone.

Some many tech startups and established companies have focused on the learning experience, allowing anyone who cares to learn (and sometimes who can pay for it) access to all kinds of resources such as eBooks, video lessons, online certificates and so on.

It’s Still Not the End: The Greater Change Continues

It’s a fact, they have done a great job. Edutech startups deserve a pat of praise on their back for daring to do something about the education system that old-timers in the industry seemed at lost about. With their idea and innovations, they have shaken up the education systems globally and have remodeled the classroom. The learning process has now become much more personalized and even roles of stakeholders have been juggled – from curriculum creators, across to teachers, parents, and their children.

But It’s Still Not the End: The Greater Change continues.

Let’s watch in excitement as more tech startups continues to advance our education industry and methodologies to what it should be: the most state of the art institution ready to prepare humanity for the world and jobs of the future.