Living in a compact house can be not only enjoyable, personal, and comfortable, but also cost-effective. If that has piqued your interest, consider the following sorts of tiny houses before getting started.

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1.  Tiny houses built on foundations

You have the option of constructing your tiny home also on a certain concrete foundation. You have a lot of design freedom with this choice. If you don’t have access to land, you can build a semi-permanent foundation.

2.  Tiny houses built on wheels

A tiny house on wheels is a terrific way to live on the go, and it is easy to move because you can move the entire house. After you have answered a few pressing questions, you may begin the construction process.

3.  Bus conversions

You might be concerned that it may not be large enough, but once all the seats are removed, you will be amazed at how much space any school bus has. Because the walls will be lined with windows, there is plenty of natural light.

4.  Cob houses

A cob house is a structure made out of straw, clay, and sand. You may think that this would not be a very long-lasting house, but it is. If properly maintained, most cob houses can last a lifetime.

5.  Vardo tiny houses

Vardos were once horse-drawn carriages with intricate ornamentation and vibrant color palettes. They are now designed to be dragged by cars and have a rounded top to aid maximize space. Such design is excellent for withstanding high winds.

6.  Tumbleweed tiny houses

These adaptable tiny homes are equipped with many of the same characteristics as an RV. Many small house buyers are drawn to the professional build quality as well as the certainty of roadworthiness.

7.  Granny pods

The initial concept behind the granny pod was to allow elderly people to remain with their families while still keeping their freedom. Some people are even utilizing granny pods for making extra money also on rental websites

8.  Small mobile homes

Tiny houses are well-known for their low housing costs. While trailers have a negative image in the USA, their appeal is fueled by the possibility to move your house and a reduced cost of living.

9.  Trailer homes

Trailer tiny homes can be full-size tiny homes that can be attached to a truck via a trailer. It is a popular design that was the very first to receive broad media attention.

10.  Small motorhomes

Originally intended for entertainment or luxury camping, the motorhome’s popularity as a primary residence has grown in tandem with the growing liking for living off the grid. Do you recall your grandparents’ massive motorhome? Today’s RVs can be as small as tiny houses, with no compromise on design or comfort.

You will find all of these houses are quite comfortable to live in and are also quite affordable too.