Now that the end of the year 2020 is approaching, it is the typical time to look ahead and forecast what fashion will be like in the year 2021 to come.

Vintage-retro fashion is still going strong in terms of clothing, footwear and accessories. More and more people are looking for this type of clothing. Actually a fashion trend is like a wheel. It will rotate and there is always a repeat at every point. What is trending today will repeat itself in the future, for example in 30 or 40 years. Who knows?
What looks worn today may not look the same in the future. On the other hand, what looks modern today can look very outdated in the future.

That is why we want to share with you, this simple post where we give you our opinion of vintage fashion for 2021. Ear to the drum …

Next year, bright tones and patterns, accessories with stones and other retro trends will triumph

You can finally welcome the cold, to an autumn-winter season in which numerous fashion trends of 2021 are related to the retro and classic style, and perhaps that is why they are so striking.

In addition to the indisputable return of the animal print pattern, which is present in all the major clothing brands in both accessories and garments, there are other trends of 2021 in fashion that you cannot miss.

A season in full color

In 2021, deep blue and red will be the king colors. The trend is to leave aside pastel colors, lifeless, and give way to more intense tones. Also to the striking patterns, because in addition to the animal print, many checkered patterns will be seen.

The cowboy style has arrived

The checkered pattern fits very well with this key trend, and the country look is back. You will see a lot of fringes in 2021, and even the classic cowboy boots.

Silver and metallic

A lot of silver and metallic clothing will also be seen, as well as silver accessories, for example, semi-precious stone accessories combine great with this fashionable tone.

Retro protagonists garments

Two clothes that you have to make yourself. This season you must get two pieces that will be key. First of all, a blazer dress, preferably oversize; on the other hand, midi skirts hit hard.

The 1920s Women’s Fashion

The 1920s Women’s Fashion will dominate next year. Dominated by lace for wedding attire, and flapper earings, necklaces and bracelets, this fashion style creates a strong classic impression.

Very striking accessories

Finally, the accessories will be very showy: for example, XXL bags, but also accessories with natural stones for jewelry, which give a retro look to any look and which is worn a lot this autumn-winter 2020 season.

I hope this article has been useful to you with our humble opinion on the trends related to retro and vintage fashion that is coming for the coming year 2021. You already have more information on where to get inspired to buy your new look.