Fashion Nova, one of the leading fast-fashion houses globally, is known for producing quality, trendy and affordable pieces for all. One of its collections of outfits is its graphic T’s that come in all sizes and shapes to suit the needs of different clients.

Here’s a look at some of Fashion Nova’s sassiest graphic T’s.

1.Born Savage Halter Top

This crop top comes with a ‘Savage’ graphic and is available in purple/combo. It’s made of a stretchy and comfy material made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The main highlight of this Graphic Tee is a unique tie detail at the back that gives it an eye-catching look.

The straps at the shoulders come in single strands but are strong enough to support your bust’s weight.

Born Savage Halter Top is available in various sizes to accommodate people with different body sizes and shapes. Its size range extends from XS through to 3X.

2.Biggest Flex Top – Black

This sassy Tee comes with a bold ‘flex’ verbiage and an eye-catching bear graphic. However, due to the specialized die process involved in the Tee’s printing, each piece may come with its touch of uniqueness.

The Biggest Flex Top is short-sleeved with a crew neck and is made of 100% cotton.

This beautiful Graphic Tee is available in color black and neon green and comes in sizes XS to 3X. So, anyone can confidently rock this top.

3.Float Like A Butterfly Top

This long-sleeved black top features a crew neck and a boldly printed ‘Float Like a Butterfly‘ Verbiage.

The front of this Tee and the arms contain beautiful butterflies graphics. But due to the printing method involved, the butterfly graphics in each Tee may be unique, giving each piece a touch of uniqueness.

This collection of t-shirts made of 100% cotton is available in all sizes, XS to 3X..

4.Hello Kitty X Cup Noodle Top – Yellow

The main highlight of this t-shirt is the Hello Kitty/ Cup noodle graphic boldly printed on its front. However, the graphics can come in different saturations due to the printing process involved. It’s short-sleeved with a crew neck and made of 100% cotton to offer a comfy feel.

This sassy tunic is available in sizes XS to 3X. However, this t-shirt seems to have a larger fit, so it’s advisable to order a size smaller than your standard size.

5.Reptar Tie Dye T Shirt

This beautiful T-shirt comes as a blend of vibrant colors featuring a cute Nickelodeon Rugrats graphic at the front and a tie-dye print on its entire fabric. However, different pieces in this collection have different hue saturation and dye prints because of the specialized dye process they are subjected to.

Ahhhh Reptar Tie Dye T Shirt offers a comfy fit thanks to its 100% cotton material. It’s available in all sizes from XS TO 3X, but you should order a size below your standard size because it runs big.

6.Forever Reckless Backless Top

This super cute cut-out top features a ‘Forever reckless’ verbiage at its front. It’s short-sleeved with a crew neck and tie detail at the back.

Forever Reckless Backless Top offers a comfy stretchy fit thanks to its perfect blend of materials, 95% cotton, and 5% spandex.

This top is available in all sizes, XS to 3X, and comes in shades of white and heather gray. Given the different forms of printings used in manufacturing, the verbiage details may come in different saturations.


The inclusivity displayed in Fashion Nova’s Graphic Tees shows that Fashion Nova indeed has the interests of its diverse audience at heart.