Fashion Nova doesn’t just seek to change the world of fashion. It also wants to influence the world of social changes and interaction. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021, the anniversary of the death of Breonna Taylor, reverberated around the world. A year prior, Breonna Taylor had been sleeping in her bed when a police raid on the wrong home turned deadly, leaving Breonna dead while her boyfriend was put under a microscope for defending himself against the police officers. The story would unfold over time, furthering a massive divide between police and the people they’re sworn to protest. While Breonna Taylor’s name will likely never be forgotten, her name was added to a list that grows increasingly long every day.

Taylor was just 26-years-old when she was killed in her home during a ‘no-knock’ warrant involved in a narcotics raid. The raid was targeting a suspect who no longer lived at Taylor’s address. Taylor, an EMT, and her boyfriend Kenneth, a legal gun-owner, would be fired upon 32 times with six shots striking and killing Breonna. Kenneth would return fire a single time, lodging a single bullet in the floor.

After 2020’s year of social justice and civil rights, the anniversary of Breonna Taylor provided an opportunity for individuals to reflect on what has and hasn’t changed while also working to continue those efforts. Megan Thee Stallion, one of hip hop’s biggest stars, would team up with the innovative pop-culture fashion brand Fashion Nova to support the Breonna Taylor Foundation.

Fashion Fighting For Change: Fashion Nova & Breonna Taylor

Megan Thee Stallion may be trending around the world at this moment for her complete domination at the Grammy Awards, but if you were to ask Megan what she’d like to be remembered for, that wouldn’t be her choice. On the one-year-anniversary of Breonna’s death, Megan would take to Instagram to make a post. The message began, “A year ago today, Breonna Taylor was tragically taken from her family and friends.” The message went on to underscore the fact that justice “still has not been served”, a direct reference to Kentucky’s Attorney General David Cameron and the Grand Jury that he had empaneled.

In the Instagram post, Megan Thee Stallion would announce that she had partnered with one of the biggest new names in the fashion industry, Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova is an L.A.-based hybrid social media and fashion brand that has worked extensively with some of pop’s biggest names – including Lil Nas X, Cardi B, YG, and now Megan Thee Stallion.

In the message, Megan discussed how Fashion Nova had partnered with her to donate $100,000 directly to the Breonna Taylor Foundation, a non-profit that had been established by Tamika L. Palmer in order to honor the memory of her daughter while pushing for continued progress in social, racial, and economic justice.

Megan wrote in the post collaborating with Fashion Nova that Breonna’s name will “continue to be a catalyst” for not just “change”, but to highlight the fact that justice still hasn’t been served. This last line in direct reference to the controversial handling of Daniel Cameron of the Breonna Taylor Case. Daniel Cameron is Kentucky’s first Black Attorney General, and he drew ire as he refused to press for murder charges in the Breonna Taylor killing. Cameron had argued that the offending officers “were justified in their acts and conduct” based upon the idea that they were “defending themselves”.

The Breonna Taylor case would garner worldwide news as well as massive waves of protests. The case would loom large over the summer protests of 2020. Breonna’s mother, Tamika, continues to push forward in an effort to bring about accountability within the current system of policing. 

Continued Philanthropic Efforts With Fashion Nova

Since its inception, Fashion Nova has existed within an odd space. More than just a fashion brand, Fashion Nova would specialize in its hybrid approach to social media, philanthropic outreach, and pop-culture fashion. At the same time that Fashion Nova was launching collaborative collections with artists like Cardi B, Christina Milian, and Brianna Perry, they were also integrating the Fashion Nova Cares platform, an initiative created specifically to give to worthy causes.

Fashion Nova Cares would make headlines outside of its work with the Breonna Taylor Foundation as they pledged to spend more than $1 million in totality throughout 2020. Fashion Nova had begun its philanthropic outreach by working with major social reform institutions such as Black Lives Matter, Your Rights Camp, and the NAACP Legal and Education Fund.

Fashion Nova would establish Fashion Nova Cares in April 2020 to begin its initiative focused on supporting social causes. Included in their many notable outreach efforts was a COVID-19 philanthropic program with Cardi B. Cardi B and Fashion Nova Cares committed to donating $1,000 per hour for 40 days to raise money for individuals impacted by COVID-19.

Recently, Fashion Nova made headlines in New York City by partnering with La La Anthony as part of its women empowerment program. La La Anthony and Fashion Nova would present a donation of $25,000 to Girls Inc of New York City for their intended mission of empowering underserved women. Girls Inc seeks to directly empower women by giving them tools to overcome systemic social, economic, and gender-related barriers in their way.

Fashion Nova: LA’s Newest Fashion Innovator

Fashion Nova is a hybrid retail fashion company based out of Los Angeles, California. Fashion Nova opened its first location in Panorama City, specializing in club-wear. By 2018, the company had transitioned into a full-service fashion line with hundreds of employees around the world. In 2018, Fashion Nova would land the title of #1 Most Searched Fashion Brand on the Google search engine.

Fashion Nova currently possesses five brick-and-mortar retail stores throughout Southern California. With more than 25 million social media followers and numerous celebrity collaborators on the horizon, Fashion Nova looks primed to continue its surge within the fashion-and-social-media industry.

At the time of this writing, Fashion Nova has developed collaborative plans with The Game, Tyga, Kylie Jenner, Saweetie, and Offset, with more planned in the future.