Customer feedback is an essential component of a business as it improves the performance of your company. Customer feedback lets you know the demands, the complaints, and the improvements needed, etc., that are expected of the company from the customers. If you have an already established business or even a new venture, would you not want to know what your customers think of your products and your company in its entirety? 

Facebook, with its regular introduction of new features, has recently launched a customer feedback system where businesses can be scored for feedback by their consumers, giving the company an objective and statistical view of what the customers demand.  Read on to find out how you can better your Facebook feedback score, consequently bettering your company!

Following Through with the Customer

Once your customer completes the placement of an order, it is your duty then to follow up with them and make sure that they receive their order. When an order is placed and is updated at your company’s end that it has been delivered, Facebook asks your consumer to rate or score their experience. Bad scores would mean you may lose advertisement advantages, causing hindrance in your company’s marketing. 

Hence, make sure at your end to follow through with the customer till, they themselves confirm the receival of their package as to ensure a good feedback score.

Customer Service and Helpline 

It is imperative for a company to have exceptional customer service and instant helplines so as not to annoy the customer in case they need help. If your company lacks in that area, then chances are, you may receive bad Facebook feedback scores, causing your company to have a bad brand image. Instant guidance from your company’s end, along with a good attitude and clear helpful instructions will lead to satisfied customers, hence, increasing your feedback scores. 

Keep Your Audience Engaged 

Keeping your buyers engaged is a significant part of having good feedback scores. It is your responsibility to present your audience with captivating opportunities that will keep their interest in your company and products as well as their faith in it, alive. Giveaways are a good option in this aspect. Attractive giveaways, for instance, if you are a cosmetic brand then having makeup products that are popular among your audience should be part of your giveaways. This would keep your brand booming because your feedback rates would be great!

No Compromise on Quality 

It is crucial for a business to never compromise on quality. Once you start compromising on quality, your business is doomed for consumers will slowly become dissatisfied and lose interest, resulting in them not trusting you, hence, moving to a different brand and you receiving lower Facebook feedback scores. In order to bump those feedback scores, you must deliver what you promise. 

To Conclude

In summation, keeping a consistent and good Facebook feedback score is not too difficult if you follow these few short rules, however, it all starts by keeping your promise first!